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Tinderbox Template - Dynamically Built HTML Table: Column Heads from Parent’s $DisplayedAttributes, Row Labels Form Childrens’ $Names

Tinderbox Template - Dynamically Built HTML Table: Column Children Name, Row Labels Parent’s $Displayed Attributes

Level Advanced
Published Date 5/2/21
Type Template
Tags .each, 4CKMEl, 4Cs of Knowledge Management and Exchange, Action Code, Export Code, HTML Table, Tinderbox, aTbRef
Example File TBX L - Building Table from Attributes.tbx (149.2 KB)
Revision 1
TBX Version 8.9
Instructor Michael Becker

This Tinderbox template dynamically creates an HTML table from the attributes of a container’s children. The table column heads are the parent’s $DisplayedAttributes, and the table’s row labels are the childrens’ $Name (each of the children needs the same $DisplayedAttribures as the parent). The values of the cells are populated from the value in the attributes associated with each $DisplayedAttributes.

It relies on the following structural elements

  • Attributes
    • $MyString (system attribute)
    • $MyList (system attribute)
    • $AtrTable, a string (user generated attribute)
    • $LookupList, a list (user generated attribute)
    • $vChildAtr, a string (user generated attribute)
    • $MyString 2, a string (user generated attribute)
  • Notes
    • Parent container with list of desired attributes to be used as the column heads of the table
    • Children with same displayed attributes at parent
    • lt-ProdIteration note, in the following path /Configurations/, with the $LookupList attribute displayed and the key value pair ($Attribute:Label) that will be used in the table


  1. Sample file has two templates in it, look at tSolutionIteration and its child.
  2. Currently only works in TBX 8, there is a lookup issue in TBX 9 backstage that is being worked on.
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