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Frictionless text entry from Note Title to Note text

I found out that there is a shortcut key (option+tab) to go from outline view to notes. It doesn’t seem to be in the app’s menu, but are there any other hidden shortcuts like this?

I would like to change this shortcut key if possible, is it possible?

Not within the Tinderbox app, but you can set an alternate shortcut via the OS (not my expertise - but others here know how).

Probably the best list to look at is my reverse look-up of shortcuts. Generally, Tinderbox shows shortcuts in menus where possible. Of course, some short-cuts apply to things that don’t have a menu/UI. also, the app adopts quite a few OS-wide shortcut conventions.

Not within the Tinderbox app, but you can set an alternate shortcut via the OS

Unfortunately, you can’t — the MacOS shortcut process requires a command to have a menu item before you can add shortcuts.

The particular problem with Tinderbox using opt-tab is that it overrides MacOS’s default shortcut for quick-adding a bullet point, and neither the Tinderbox command nor the MacOS command have menu items, so the user is stuck — there’s just no way of using the bullet command, which is a shame because it’s one of the most useful editing commands. Other programs (Scrivener, Devonthink etc) use Ctl-tab to get round this problem. (Of course, I may be wrong in assuming that the editor in Tinderbox is using the same basic editing control for text…)

There are few important Tinderbox commands which aren’t on menus and suffer from the same problem: the most obvious are probably the Text Panel commands — you can turn them on and off as a whole with a shortcut, but you can’t switch between Text / Preview / HTML and have to use the mouse every time…

Third party apps like Keyboard Maestro / Keysmith can help with this second sort of problem, but not with the first (opt-tab) as far as I know.


My apologies for the wrong call above!

I assume this means the Substitutions sub-menu where changes only hold until the note loses focus (I’m unclear as to why). Smart Quotes (and dashes) can be over come with : $SmartQuotes.

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No problem – it’s only mousophobes like me who worry about things like this…

The text panel commands (sorry, I was typing from memory) are when you invoke: Window > Show/Hide Text Pane Selector: the individual panels (Text / Preview / HTML ) aren’t on any menu, so you have to use the mouse (or Keyboard Maestro etc).

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Yep, would be great to have menu items.