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Frictionless text entry from Note Title to Note text

Pretty sure I’m just missing something here. What keystrokes allow the user to

  • Create a Note
  • Title the Note
  • Add content to the Note?

If I:
type the characters in the Title
type more characters

the last characters get placed in a search field.

If I use {escape} in place of the second {return}, the just-created Note gets deleted (afaict — it disappears).

Related: Is there a key-chord that changes the focus from the View pane to the Note pane (“Edit” pane? I’ve forgotten what the right-hand pane is called).

The Text pane.

To cycle focus view pane -> text pane/key attributes (if any) _> text pane text -> view pane, etc. use [Opt]+[Tab]. See documentation of shortcuts.


First-rate! Thanks for the lesson and the links.

My now-workable hands-on-the-keyboard method to create and fill Notes in Outline View is:

  • {option}+{tab} to make Outline View View Pane active if Outline View Text Pane is currently active
  • {return} to create new Note in Outline View
  • type characters for Note Title
  • {return} to end editing of Note Title field
  • {option}+{tab} to make Outline View Text Pane active
  • type content in Text pane.

That works well. Thanks again.

Does anyone have a finger-flow that is better?

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Don’t forget the Split command (⌘^-Return, I believe).

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Split is currently [Ctrl]+[Opt]+[Cmd]+Return (ref) - tested in v7.3.0.

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Thank you. I can see where that would smooth over the pane-hopping wrinkle.

For anyone following along, Split is described here in the Tinderbox Reference file. On my machine, the command is at “Note ▹ Split” and the key-chord is ⌃⌥⌘{return} .