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About "good order list" of things to read for beginners

Dear Mr.Mark Anderson,

If I were omnipotent for a day, I could answer all the questions on today’s problem!
I wish I could to use video capture, it will make light work of explaining.
Do you follow my figure out?

floor(argument) file mekes me still in trouble !!
I can not get [ round(argument)] link, nor can not paste on the [ round() ] word.
Onece [ round() ] word became blue that meant here just linked to it’s specified file.
But unfortunately, blow over in a blink of an eye.

exportedString(“item”,template) file can not copy
[ runCommand(commandLine[,inputs,directory]) ] file to link, even using Brows Link.
Respectfully, WAKAMATSU kunimitsu

Is the issue that you are copy/pasting text containing links? If so, there is a known (reported) problem with with that. sometimes the links are retained, sometimes on pasting they are lost. no fix for that as yet.

Dear Mr.Mark Anderson,
I am still full of problems.
Form a sequel to be frozen
linkage in aTbRef-8.tbx.
Using Link Parking Space Menu.
[ word(data)] file can not make a link to [.contain()] file.
[var] file can not make a link to [List/Set.each()], I can not make it.
From [List/Set.each()] file to [Using .each() for loops] file link, I can not make it.
Thx and regards, WAKAMATSU kunimitsu

Dear Mr.Mark Anderson,
From [List/Set.each()] file, end of the sentence [A worked example of looping is here.
] , this linkage was gone when I open Brows Link behaviour. I mean Brows Link window is open but there are any item indicated(vanished).
Thx and regards, WAKAMATSU kunimitsu

There appears to be a problem for you, using the text pane link completion pop-up, i.e.:

Monosnap 2020-04-29 13-51-14

So, don’t use that. Insterad use the alternative drag-drop method. For example (from the document I’m using just now. To link the current note to note “105, bullet 2”:

Left-click on the link widget (as above) and then drag until the mouse cursor is over the target note, then let go. You then see the link-creation dialog:

Check the details, then click the “Create Link” button. The link is created.

Please try this method and you should be able to create the links. Let me know if this works.

(Possibly-irrelevant interjection)

@mwra: Is this related to issues recently discussed backstage regarding notes with names containing parentheses, semicolons, backslashes, and quotation marks — all characters with special meanings to Tinderbox actions?

If so, you might be using the backstage version that behaves better (I hope) than the release version that Mr. Wakamatsu is presumably using.

Dear Mr.Mark Anderson,
Thank a lot for your Information.
Model an operation after you, just on the right track.
This linking, when I use DreamWeaver.app, URL-linking is just same action I put-upon.
Johann Schiller said, “Only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly will acquire the skill to do difficult things easily.”
If only it were that simple.
When I establish a framework for work, this time I do not know where Link-Page place in.
In my own tbx file, I know where I should link-page lay down.
In your explanation with [351, para 3]png. , where and how can I find as intended
[To link the current note to note “105, bullet 2”:]Page?
I figure on this behaviour, in the forefront of my mind is pick up the word [by] in the sentence where on the right hand pane.
Then click on this word [by], in Brows Links shows where this word is linked.
In your png file, there is a Text window where viewport shows one of the Page Information(135). (just above a Paragraph : 3)
Should I need to add a postscript indicatory field in Text window for your aTbRef-8.tbx?
Please render your some advice and assistance.

If I need to find a file in very long line, I mean very long distances,
it is not difficult to drag to connect from LinkParking Button, is it?
Such a case, how can I get same reliability of functional operation, and what to do?

Respectfully, WAKAMATSU kunimitsu

I don’t understand. You can only make links within a Tinderbox document using Tinderbox.

Let us see if this help.s We have a text selection in ‘Note A’ and want to connect to Note B’. As Note B is visible in the view we simply drag from the text pane link widget (#1 below) to Note B (#2 below):

When you drop the link on Note B, you see the link creation pop-up.

Make any changes, if needed and click ‘Create Link’. You have made your link:

Now, to link Note A to Note C. The same method is not possible (in map view) because Note C is on a different map. We need to use the link park. First we park our link:

If you look at the very first picture above, you will see the link park was an empty circle. No link is stored. Now we see:

Untitled 2020-04-30 12-16-53

Next we need to make Note C visible in the current view, so we drill down into container Note B. Select Note B then use the down-arrow key (↓) to ‘drill down’ to the child map:

Now to complete the link from the link park and drop it on Note C:

Complete the link - as in the pop-up shown above. Link done! If we now look at Note A there are two links, one to Note B drawn on the current map and a link stub representing the link to Note C:

It is that simple1 :slight_smile: By using drag/drop and the link park we ensure we link to exactly the note intended.

Here, I have illustrated using the map view, but any view can be used with the same technique: outline, chart, timeline, etc.

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Dear Mr. Wakamatsu,
From your correspondence in the forum, I can see that you are easily understanding Tinderbox. I have been using it for years, but very poorly. I am also over 70, but I have no programming background. I want to get the upgrade, but my usage of TBX is so poor that I am having a hard time justifying the luxury. I live in Kamakura and would very much like to discuss what you have found in English. I am relatively fluent in Japanese, yet perhaps you would enjoy talking in English about your findings. We could use zoom.com so that we could share screens. I think it might help me to get better at Tinderbox. You can contact me through my website, Tokyohomeopathy.com.
Ellen Madono

Dear Mr.Mark Anderson,
Thanks a lot for your detailed explanation.
This is a welcome gift, I have only to do what you are told.
I will able to get speed up progress.
I apologize for you what too short my half portional playback.
About DreamWeaver.app, this is my reminisce.
Please erase it from your mind.
I explain about DreamWeaver’s URL linking in same kind of manner that under Tinderbox.app’s adoption process after your provided explication.
It seems like just same as dragging from NoteA to NoteB on your png.
Drag from Blog(middle of Green casing chart) to ridgt side [Weblog]folder, drop in it.This makes linked to Weblog (right side html listing casement), as bottom shelf [Blog] code shown.That reminds me.
( but that is another story) Change the channel.
Please forgive me for asking this rude question,
what kind of Application do you use for your illustlation?
If I could take up it, mybe I could explain easier what kind of difficulty I have.
I really appreciate it.
Respectfully, WAKAMATSU kunimitsu

Dear Mr.Mark Anderson,
Thanks a lot for your detailed explanation.
It matters little that I did not read Colophon caption
[This file & website were produced using the following tools:] in aTbRef-8.tbx.
Screen grabs application is perhaps Monosnap, is not it?
If so, sorry about that.
Respectfully, WAKAMATSU kunimitsu

Happy help :grinning:

Screen grabs? Yes, I use Monosnap (available from the AppStore - free!)

Dear Mr.Mark Bernstein and Mr.Mark Anderson,
Thanks a lot for your detailed explanation.
It matters little that draw arc for Linkage.
I do not intend to cause you trouble.
Between Tinderbox 8.5.1 under OSX10.12.6 (Sierra) and
Tinderbox 8.5 under OSX14 (Mojave),there take a different tack,
as you can see in png file.
I would like to present this matter of behaviour to both for consideration.
Respectfully, WAKAMATSU kunimitsu

Thank you for the screengrab. To save extra translation, I’ll page @eastgate here - the macOS 10.12.6 behaviour is not expected but that’s not something users can fix here in the user forum.

I would suggest using macOS 10.14.x or later if you can as that does work.

So, I think we have solved the link making problem. But we have uncovered a new issue on older OSs.

Dear archurhh,
You will have to excuse giving a reply runaround.
Thank you for having an interest in my reading matter.
La Musique et l’Ineffable.tbx is still under construction.
There is more to it than that, unique png, img and jpg are reserved external Folder.
For these reasons I am afraid that I cannot comply with your request tbx.
As alternated I will attache my first chance to make alternative jerry-built moving image about Jankelevitch.
JankelevitcheManual.gif is draw up via [La Musique et l’Ineffable.tbx] to
[Jankelevitch Manual.pdf] to animated gif.
This animated gif stand up to the process after Mr.Mark Anderson’s behaviour.
Export the single page HTML, run the sed command line on the HTML page before using wkhtmltopdf.
[Create Beautiful PDFs From Your Tinderbox Documents]

Please pass over obstructive unattractiveness.
I hope you can get the total picture about my La Musique et l’Ineffable.tbx.

Thx and regards, WAKAMATSU
I made mp4 file for overall management, but unauthorized format for this Forum.
I regret it throw in my hand.


Great. Thanks for the image. I think this means you got the export and wkhtmltopdf code to work. If I misunderstand do please ask. :slight_smile:

Very cool! Nice to see the pdf export at work, too :slightly_smiling_face: :ok_hand:t4:

Dear Mr,Mark Anderson,
Thank you for your inspection.
I am afraid I still have a disadvantage for TOC font sizing.
About using the export and wkhtmltopdf code
Create Beautiful PDFs From Your Tinderbox Documents - Exporting from Tinderbox - Tinderbox Forum
We came to a discussion about font sizing.
Mr. Pat Maddox brougt up [… the magic flag combo is: --zoom 2.5 --disable-smart-shrinking. Set the zoom level to whatever looks good to you.]

From your quote:
FWIW, here is the command line I used to make the PDf of the Tinderbox v7.5 Help file:
sed -E ‘s:href=“help[^.]*/([^.]+).html”:href="#x\1":g’ print-export-source.html > print-export-source-proc.html

wkhtmltopdf --outline --page-size “A4” --footer-spacing 4 --print-media-type --footer-center “[page] of [topage]” --footer-font-name “Helvetica Neue” --footer-font-size 11 --footer-line --footer-spacing 5 --header-spacing 5 --header-line --header-center “Tinderbox v7 Manual” --header-font-name “Helvetica Neue” toc --enable-toc-back-links --toc-header-text “Tinderbox v7 Manual - Table of Contents” --toc-text-size-shrink 1 --toc-level-indentation 4em “print-export-source-proc.html” “Tinderbox v7.5.2 Manual.pdf”

My Jankelevitch Manual.pdf originaly looks like those.
(I will put 3 png. 1st is just TOC page, 2nd one is first body of the work page.
3rd one is my first awful png using Snagit.)
When I took my animated gif using Snagit2020.app, I need to zoom up till we can read every letterform.(Same as 3rd png)

Please put me up to the ropes how can I get over.
Kindest regards, WAKAMATSU

3rd png is not able to upload, because time ran out.
I will cut it half as much off, then I will post again.

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About additional sample
I have trouble differentiating between 1st, 2nd and 3rd, now.
It will be better throw 3rd png into a dust bin.
Thx and regards, WAKAMATSU

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I am sorry you are having problems. At distance it is hard to guess the cause. The line spacing in the PDF body text will be caused by the CSS. Does spacing look right in the HTML exported form Tinderbox? If it is wrong, inspect the CSS you are using. If it look OK, then this is odd.