About String.trim function

Dear Eastgate,

Q01 : What does “Unicode” here mean?
Thank you for your answer to this question.
What I wanted to ask with this question was not the definition of Unicode, but
What should I learn from Becker’s Unicode?
I just wanted to know what he was thinking.

Unfortunately, there are still many Japanese websites that use Shif-JIS.
I was thinking about using UTF-8 from an early stage.
This is because I won’t have any problems writing in French or German.
[If the character code is greater than 128,
the message starts with the signal “Large character is here!”]
Is this mechanism still not completely solved?
When inputting in Japanese, a single character of the alphabet is
sometimes inserted in BBEdit,
This creates a cause for misconversion in Japanese.

Dear Mr.Michael Becker,
I am very happy that you respect Buddhism.
If everyone on earth could realize that
they are endowed with the qualities of Buddha,
One by one, the tragic events that are happening now
will disappear, and the world will become peaceful. I think.

01 : What am I aiming for?
I decided to relearn how to use Tinderbox.
This is because not long ago I was thinking about stopping using Tinderbox.
I can do almost anything I want(even Quarto) using Emacs28.2 (Spacemacs).
I did not think I had much time to spend learning about Tinderbox,
which I did not fully understand yet.
I will leave it. I do not like this situation, so I decided to try again.
This is to protect my commitment to Live now and cherish this moment.

The topic changes.
Who taught you the definition of these three treasures?
This is a very different interpretation of the Three Treasures
according to my Zen teachings.
I am surprised.
What lineage of Buddhism does the sect that uses the analogy of jewels belong to?
The Zen master I admire and want to live like him is Zen Master Hakuin.
I continue to live like that even just now.
My breathing method is based on the method introduced by Zen Master Hakuin.
Now, live this moment.(而今(にこん Ni-Konn)the present moment , Here now)
The world of music is about living in the present moment.
Please take care of your health.
I have attached the Ni-Konn image.

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