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Aeon Timeline import/export

Is anyone using Aeon Timeline with Tinderbox? I as I’m in the (private) beta. Obviously, I can’t discuss what’s in it (new features). But, if you’ve any particular problems with transferring data to/from AT v2 I’ll try and investigate alongside my own tests.

Hello Mark, I’m recently new to TB by a couple of weeks (much appreciation for your invaluable, updated reference site) and have used AT since it came out. My current need involves a multi decade storyline with multiple story arcs and multiple events. Unlike your April 17 post, I’m looking to export from TB to AT. Since TB exports in HTML and AT imports in CSV, I’m not sure if my needs can be addressed as this import/export problem seems to be a negative gating item. Unless TB can add CSV export function. Nonetheless, what I’d like AT to do would be to take the Note Title and import it into the AT Event Title field; import the TB Note’s date attributes into the comparable AT Events Range fields; and import the Key Attributes of any Note into what would be the equivalent of the AT Event Values Tag field. The latter field may need to be expanded somewhat. In other words, I’d like to use the conventional CSV mapping schema to import selected TB attributes and KeyAttributes into their logical counterparts in AT2/3. It may be that that the fields in the AT Events Role tab should also be able to be mapped, but for now, in concept, these can be filled in manually.

To quite true, Tinderbox can export in pretty much ant format you can define (apart for binary formats). You just define the templates for CSV. If you need help on how to do that just ask.

I’ve certainly imported into to Aeon Timeline since v1. I don’t use Aeon Timeline—at this point it’s mainly for checking import/export.

I’ve added a few basic hints here, with respect to templates.

Also note that Aeon Timeline v3 will be a lot more complex terms of views than v2. My experiments thus far are mainly about importing/exporting pure timeline data as opposed to more obscure event features.

It’s very easy to export CSV from Tinderbox if you can avoid pathological cases such as multiparagraph cells and cells with quotations. Even if you need such oddities, it should be straightforward.

I will make a stab at exporting CSV using your TBref hints, and if not successful will take you up on your offer of assistance. From your comment “that Aeon Timeline v3 will be a lot more complex terms of views than v2” does that translate to, for the purposes here, there will be more flexibility in mapping CSV “event features” to v3 both in terms of numbers of events and where they are mapped to?"