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Any way to determine the direction of the links at the document level?

I am using TB for mind mapping quite often these days. I would like to have all the links starting in the bottom and ending in the top. Is there a way to determine this behavior at the document level (or, via stamps or prototypes)?

I’m unclear how a prototype would show this. A stamp is action code where you’ve access to linkedTo(), linkedFrom(), etc., so you can easily** interrogate links. Don’t forget if working on aliases, e,g, in an agent to target the original note as aliases can have discrete (intrinsic) basic links although text links are always the same as the original note.

** except if you (a) don’t use unique $Name values or (b) $Name use certain characters like /() as these appears to break Tinderbox’s path parsing. The only fix in this case is to ensure neither (a) nor (b) apply. Lest that seem sniping, it’s not as this sort of use was not what Tinderbox originally set out to do. Some use cases just require a bit more care by the user (and just what I’m working through as I write this!).

LinkedTo() doesn’t seem capable of specifying link termination position and the link start position (http://www.acrobatfaq.com/atbref6/index/Dialogs/BrowseLinkspop-over.html).

Am I right?

I guess this has to go to the feature request section.
The request would be to port the link termination and start positions from the Links Popup to the Links Inspector.

Please, let me know if I am missing a simple way of doing this.

Ah, position of attachment as opposed to direction? In which case, ‘no’, there is no action code or link-type level setting for the top/right/bottom/left attachment. I think the current design intent is to let the user override automatic choices but not to go to the design level of something like OmniGraffle or Illustrator where attachment points for shapes can be more precisely controlled.

NO, the question is not about attachments.

It is about the direction of links between notes.

  • Link inspector: is document level
  • Link Popup is specific to every note

I am thinking to determine the directions of the links between notes at the document level.

So, as things stand ‘no’. I guess you could make a feature request.


This is my link inspector:

I want to the branch link type to always start from bottom and end at top. I don’t have any way of specifying that in the Link inspector.

I am assuming Mark B. are reading this tread. I hope he will consider it for future releases.

(but, sadly, I am not able to use the latest version of TB. The new version has been too much a problem for my old mac. I am stuck on the older releases. I took this last screenshot with a lot of waiting for the map to load. That is why I am not very enthused to forward it as feature request–admittedly selfish me :stuck_out_tongue: )

For clarity, convention in this forum is that if people want to suggest features, they post a description in the ‘off the wall’ forum. Better still is to email support explaining the feature.

Why so? Because this is a user-to-user forum, not formal tech support. Indeed, your moderator here (disclaimer: it’s me) is just an unpaid volunteer user. Eastgate do pay for the server, etc. to make the forum available to us and their staff may participate here but it still isn’t formal Tech Support.

Simply stating the idea of a feature here in the forums is just that. One has no way to know if any other user has taken it upon themselves to mail in one’s idea. Therefore, after a discussion like above, if the upshot is that a new feature may be necessary, it’s up to the person with the idea to actually go ask for it (not least as the forum discussion is rarely a clear description of the exact proposed feature). People tend to assume this is ill-will. Far from it, the person with the best understanding of the proposed feature who can explain it to the vendor is the person who wants it.

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OK, thanks Mark. I will put it as feature request then.

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