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Are you using the Tinderbox Cookbook? If so, how?

The Tinderbox Cookbook with associated source Tinderbox file.

I note the current version is still as at v7.3.2. this means it doesn’t reflect new action code added since, or fixes/changes to existing action code. As it is a fair amount of volunteer labour to update, it seems sensible to ask if any of you are active users of the cookbook? By that, I don’t mean you’ve had a brief look at the webpage or the TBX, but if you use it as an ongoing reference?

It could do with updating, but if no-one is really using it it would be a waste of volunteer effort that might better be deployed elsewhere (nor do I think we should just expect Eastgate to update it if volunteers don’t).

The resource grew out of people wanting to have more examples of usage, but I do wonder if those might be better merged into aTbRef?

But, I do wonder if these

I haven’t used the cookbook for probably close go 8 years or more. I don’t think I have plans to start now.

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I consulted the Tinderbox Cookbook at the beginning when I was trying to figure out how to use the software. It had some useful examples which I can follow, and the Cookbook approach with it’s task orientation is useful and contrasts with other sources (e.g. the encyclopaedia that is aTBRef, the general application examples from Eastgate etc…).

At the same time it is imcomplete and was not updated. Since then I’ve migrated to using this forum, The Tinderbox Way book (excellent) and aTBRef as the main sources of information.

This evening, I was searching for a trick which would help me to set my subtitles in Map View and my “reflex action” was to visit https://www.acrobatfaq.com/atbref8/index.html. I know the Tinderbox Cookbook, but I don’t use it.

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