aTbRef for v9.5.0 is live

aTbRef95 is now live: A Tinderbox Reference File (also via ).

I know it was posted in another thread but, inevitably with a new baseline despite much checking there may be error. If there are any please report them and don’t assume someone else will do so. I can’t fix errors of which I’m not aware. If you prefer to contact privately, DM me here or email.

The (TBX outline derived) structure of the new baseline changes, so those of you who bookmark pages may/will need to update them. Real busy right now but i’ll try and expand on those in a day or so.

Oh, for a quick start on v.9.5 new items/changes, see v9.5.0b597 (9 Dec 2022) .

Use of the atbref9 baseline is now deprecated (but still available).

Before anyone asks, after 18 years of aTbRef, I’ve added a donation button (in the page footer) to help defray costs but I want to emphasise that aTbRef is still free to use for all. Donations are voluntary, but welcomed. :slight_smile:


Updated article on Function arguments to explain more about new support in v9.5+ for data-typed function input arguments.

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DONATE button has to be up in the headers !

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Hi, Mark,

Thanks as always for this amazing resource!

You asked for mistakes, etc. Please could you have a look at the following in the regex note: Using regular expression back-references

In this method the if() operator holds the query and generates the back-references. These can be used anywhere within, bot only within the operators { } curly braces enclosing the action code. The back-reference could be used in the else { } branch, but the nature of the overall usage (i.e. for back-reference generation) means this is unlikely.

That ‘bot’ is obviously just a typo, but for what: but or not? The choice chamges the meaning of the entire clause :slight_smile:

FWIW I suspect the answer is ‘but’, I thought it’s worth clarifying.


Typo? Absolutely. This is why reports are welcomed. Affected page now fixed and uploaded.

Thank you for the report, so I can make the fix. I suspect most English-speaking readers mental ‘fix’ such minor error on the fly so don’t think to report it. But, the error shouldn’t be there and I’m very aware we are an international community and English os not the first language for everyone, so such errors hamper comprehension where a language translation is also at play. :slight_smile:

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thank you @mwra

Please: Where do I find the Release history on the page showing the latest update of TBX 9.51?

The latest release is v9.5.0. In recent baselines, I’ve included the release baseline under the change log: v9.5.0b597 (9 Dec 2022).

If some pages say in the footer something like ‘_ [Last exported: 14 Dec 2022, using Tinderbox v9.5.1] ._’ it’s only because I’m exporting from a beta. These betas are only available to Backstage members as they are essentially test builds and may contain incomplete or as-yet not correctly working features. I spend a lot of my spare time trying to assist the community—remembering to close all my work and change app version just to publish a change is spare time I don’t have to waste. For instance I’ve uploaded about 10 aTbref edits today alone! most are minor and so are not fully broadcast , though those ho read the forums may see in-thread references to me making changes to assist answering a user’s question. Meanwhile I’m working on problems needing the current beta, so that would have been 20 app version switches for no actual gain.

The public release/features are as per the home page. Unless you see new releases in the Change Log page, then there is nothing to see. You sohuld only be concerned if the version number is earlier than v9.5.0.

To make this clearer I’ve just added this to the Change Log section of the home pages:

If a page is listed as created a version not in the Change Log, it is simply because it has been exported using a (non-public) beta build.

Thus you will see the home page is now reporting it was last made using v9.5.1.

When a new public release ships, e.g. v9.5.1 or v9.6.0, the whole current aTbRef site is refreshed and the Change Log is updated. Thus for the atbref9 baseline (now no longer current) on its change log page you see change details for v9.0.0 (then he baseline), v9.1.0, v9.2.0, v9.2.1, and v9.3.0 (the last release before the new baseline.

Thank you ever so much, @mwra, for your continuous work and tireless readiness to explain, clarify and enlight/en.

As far as my original question is concerned: Today, an update 9.5.1 just showed up – not referenced in the Release Notes …

My apologies, I know there was a backstage b598 build but no announcement that is was an actual release—thus my confusion.

aTbRef not in a clean state for a build tonight as I’m waiting on some clarifications from Eastgate to finish some part complete changes. But MB is travelling at present so is understandably less available than normal, so no complain implied.

Only known change in v9.5.0b598 is:

Tinderbox incorrectly measured the length of the UTF8 string passed to the Preview pane.

So, unless you’re making really long composite reports, there is effectively no change.

I’ll do a formal update to aTBref and announce it as soon as I can.

Thank you Sir @mwra

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As promised, aTbref is now corrected and formally reporting the v9.5.1 release. See here: Slightly belatedly aTbRef updated for v9.5.1 release.