aTbRef updated for v9.5.2 release

See A Tinderbox Reference File, change log at v9.5.2b606 (28 Feb 2023).

There is a lot of text - to much to constantly re-proof. I really want to know about errors and omissions especially:

  • typos
  • missing words/broken grammar (e.g. due to mis-proofed edits)
  • images missing or visually scaled incorrectly (distorted)
  • link anchors (i.e. underlined/coloured text) that have clearly drifted from their intended position in text (aTbRef has lived through 100s of betas and occasional side effects slip through proofing)

Found a glitch? You can report it in a forum post, a forum Direct Message or via email. I’m always happy to hear about such errors, so that I can fix them.

If aTbRef is helpful to your use of Tinderbox, and you are in a position to help support it (hosting, w/w, etc costs) there is a ‘donate’ button at the bottom of every page (or see here). Whilst donations are truly welcomed, I’d reassure everyone that aTbRef remains free for anyone to use, as it has been for the last 19 years … and counting.

†. Note: aTbRef is by deliberate intent not a process how-to—otherwise the authoring task is way too big for a single author as a spare time project. Rather, aTbRef is designed to describe the Tinderbox toolbox and how the tools (were intended to) function. Thus broader ‘how to’ questions like “how do I make a Zettelkasten” are outside aTbref’s remit and are best addressed by asking a question in the main Tinderbox forum.


Are there any new attributes or action code in Tinderbox 9.5.2?

(Asking in order to update the BBEdit CLM. In the past I made diffs but figured you probably know it or could look it up :slight_smile: )

See v9.5.2b606 (28 Feb 2023).

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Lots of new operators: .round(), .floor(), and .ceil(). [List/Set].randomItem(). [String].wordCount. show(msg) and .show()

rand() now takes an optional argument.

Release notes, as always, are in Tinderbox Help (see Window menu).


Oh perfect timing! I was about to request this feature. I’ve added a separate wordcount property to my writing TinderBox which takes the default $WordCount, unless there’s a ‘—’ sequence in a note, in which case it calculates in based on the $Text up to the delimiter; I can leave patchy notes in proper notes and get a more accurate idea of how far I’ve overshot. I know I can do this with arrows and map views, but I’m living in the outliner courtesy of my tiny screen.

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The about page currently says:

This web resource of c.2,500 discrete static HTML webpages is created from 0 discrete notes and a further 0 aliases within the source Tinderbox document.

Pretty sure that’s wrong. :slight_smile: Thanks for aTbRef!

Many thanks. Now fixed. Issue arose as I’d thinned out the home page content for the v9.5.0 baseline. The moved text referred to attribute values in the home page and I’d forgotten to update them to offset references.

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