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Demo: how to export tab-delimited files for Excel (and other apps)

This arose out of this thread: Export to Excel?

This Tab-delim-demo.zip dem contains 3 files:

  • a TBX that exports specimen data
  • a sample text export
  • a sample XLSX file showing that data imported

The README section of the TBX explains how the demo is put together so you can use ir as a reference to use such techniques in your own files.

This gives a flavour of the TBX:

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Hi Mark, I’m getting a can’t be reached error on this link.

I just updated the file. :roll_eyes: :slight_smile:

Update: I just checked from here and I get the zip. I think due to Murphy’s Law your request came just as the file was swapping out. Only change was to add some separators to the TBX outline, so if you have the earlier file it’s still good.