Dracula Theme for Tbx (share your color schemes)

I was surprised to notice that there were no threads for sharing color schemes. Did I miss something?

In any case, here is mine:

There are two tbc files which are identical. The sole difference is that GentiumDracula uses my favorite font: Gentium Plus.

Dracula.tbx (135.1 KB)
Dracula Tbc.zip (3.1 KB)

I would love to see your color schemes as well.


Hi @Bernard-0 thanks for starting this thread! I can’t seem to find much information online about how to use TBC files. What do I do with them to activate the color scheme in TBX?

You drag them unto your current tbx file :wink:
If you doble click, it will open as a tbx file, but that is not what you are looking for.

Colour scheme (.tbc) files.

You can also add color scheme files to the color schemes folder of the support folder, making them available in the Color tab of Document Settings.

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Three new themes that I came up with since I started using Tbx again this past week. Backup up your project before applying as this will override your current color scheme.

All themes use the Alegreya font, but one can easily change that.

Even Less







Thanss for sharing these. I like even Less

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