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Holidays approaching: Sharing Themes .tbc files in Tinderbox

I understand that .tbc files dropped into the “~/Library/Application Support/Tinderbox/color schemes/” folder will allow you to create custom schemes, however I am still confused how to create .tbc files. I think with the holidays approaching, it would be fun to experiment and share!

Has anyone created some interesting Tinderbox themes for the holidays or would like to share some of your favorite color schemes?

For those interested in experimenting: In the Colors Tab you can customize each color then use the menu on the left to save it as a theme. Of course, for a detailed explanation, one should reference aTBRef.

Here are some from 2019…thanks Bernardo and others for sharing these.

Thanks for sharing in advance.

See TBC files and the Colors Inspector.

As currently described, you customise your colour scheme then use the controls on the Colors Inspector to save the file.

The file is actually just XML, so if you understand XML you can view/edit the TBC in an app like BBEdit.

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