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Explode via Action Code?

I cannot find this in the documentation so I presume it does not yet exist. Is there or could there be an Action Code to Explode a note programmatically?

The reason I ask is that this could allow an interesting Use Case for Tinderbox. Given a PubMed URL, it is possible to use a parameter in order to obtain a “Cited By” list of other articles which cite the original article.

It would be quite useful to have a Prototype containing a Pubmed Title/Author/Abstract/URL and then be able to use an Action or Stamp to explode such a note into a set of child notes which cite the original. Then perhaps do so recursively for a couple more generations.

The same logic could be used as well for the PubMed parameter which yields a list of articles “Similar To” the original.

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Not at present. Interesting…

Google Scholar also has a “Cited By” feature. So if it were possible for you to add programmatic Explode then the same idea could be applied to any academic discipline, not just to medical citations in PubMed.