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From Attribute Browser to Map View?

Is it possible to easily switch from viewing a note in Attribute Browser to viewing the same note in Map View? Thanks for any hints.

… simply by clicking on View and Map.

Thanks for the quick reply. I should have pointed out that this (seemingly obvious) solution is not working for me. View > Map usually takes me to where I was last in Map View, not to this particular note. Is that a bug or a feature?

I think neither.

I usually do this in two steps: select the note and choose “Open in New Tab” from the contextual menu (right-click or control-click the note). That new tab is focused on the selected note and is the same kind of tab as the source (outline, map, etc.), so I then use the shortcuts in View to change the tab type if needed.

This maybe doesn’t meet the “easily switch” requirement in the original post, but I image one could combine the actions in a Keyboard Maestro macro, if desired.

EDIT Sorry, the Attribute Browser view doesn’t work this way. There is no contextual menu in that view, and the View > Focus action does not work there either.

@Paul Thanks for taking a look at this. So I guess there is no way to solve my problem?

View ▸ Map opens a map view whose parent is the same as that of the attribute browser. That means your map will include the selected note, and scroll to it, if it’s an immediate child of the parent.

View ▸ Outline opens an outline view whose parent is the same as that of the attribute browser. In this case, there’s an easy way to make the selected note visible – we expand its ancestors and scroll to the selected note.

If we did this in map view, then we’d have to change the parent note for that tab. That could be confusing…

Thanks a lot for the reply. The first solution is not working for me as the notes are all hidden one or two containers deep. Map View just takes me to the first/initial page.

Unfortunately, the second option appears also not to work for me. If I select a random note in Attribute Browser and click on View > Outline I’m taken to were I was last in Outline View and not to the parent of that note. Am I doing something wrong? I’m sorry if I miss something obvious here.

I’ve figured out a somewhat weird workaround:

  1. Complete your search in Attribute Browser
  2. Select note you want to see in Map View
  3. View > Tab > New Tab
  4. View > Expand view
  5. View > Map View

This takes me reliably to the note in Map View. In the end, a right-click menu option “Open in new tab” in Attribute Browser would be great.

Edit: I’ve created a script in Keyboard Maestro to do all these steps for me. Now pressing a keyboard shortcut takes me to the note in Map View.

Would you mind sharing or describing the script you have created? I can imagine this being very useful. Thanks

Sure. I went with simplest solution I could think of:

  1. I modified the keyboard shortcuts for new tab (necessary) and expand view (not necessary) in the OSX Keyboard Preference pane.
  2. A KM script that executes all necessary keyboard shortcuts for me.

Thank you! Elegantly simple indeed.

Sadly, one of the last updates of Tinderbox broke this little workaround. Is there another way to select a note in then AB and then to view it in Map View? This would be really useful: I usually don’t care too much about where to put individual notes (as I’m able to find them with the AB) - but sometimes I would like to see the parent note or its siblings.

This current backstage release has, and the next release will have, a contextual menu item that opens the selected note in a new tab.

cool @eastgate

when will the next release be available?

Good news, indeed! Very much looking forward to this change.