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How to split a note?

Hi everyone! Tinderbox 7 is a wonder! I was wondering : in Scrivener, when I have to split a section of a text, I use cmd + K and give a title to the new section. Is there a similar way to split a part of text in Tinderbox? Thanks for your suggestions.

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Yes – Note ▸ Split or ^⌘⌥-Return.

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Further to the last…

Note ▸ Split will split a note in two based on the selection in the text pane, so cursor focus must be in the text pane.

If the selection is empty, the note is split at the insertion point. Otherwise, the selection is extracted to a new note.

The title of the new note is taken from the first sentence of the new note’s $Text.

Thank you very much for your two answers. I’m surprised I did not see immediately that feature in the Note tab. But no sooner said than done. Brilliant!

How about splitting a Note Name into 2 Note Names?

Regarding splitting a Note Name into 2 Note Names, I guess that wouldn’t fit the Tinderbox paradigm unless there wasn’t anything in that Note’s Text Pane.

I can see a case for splitting $Text in a note – a need to atomize notes into finer details.

But why would one want to split $Name? What happens to the $Text in the original note?

Most of my Note Names have no text. That is, I frequently use Tinderbox as a single pane outliner. But I also have Note Names that have Text when I need it.

So splitting a Note Name would only make sense when it has no Text.

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