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Making use of community solutions

Admin’s note: this conversation has been slip out to avoid thread drift as it no longer relates to the issue of sorting containers. The topic split is not a judgment on the actual content below but simply an attempt to keep threads focussed.

“Simple.” You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

I will experiment with this when I have more time, but in my experience very few Tinderbox tasks are simple.

I think a lot of them are so simple that they hardly seem to be tasks. For example:

  1. Add a note to a map. (Double-click where you want it.)
  2. Add a link to connect notes. (Grab the link widget, drag a line to the destination)
  3. Put a note inside another note in the map. (Drag it into a note or container)
  4. Make a text link (Type [[The Destination]] in the text)
  5. Make text bold, underlined, or italic (select it, then ⌘-B, ⌘-U, ⌘-I)
  6. Cut and paste text, or notes (select them, then Edit ▸ Copy, then Edit ▸ Paste)
  7. See all the text in your outline (Select all; view the text in the text pane)
  8. Review all the links to and from the selected note (View ▸ Roadmap, or the new ⌘-7 Links pane)
  9. Add a note to an outline (Press [RETURN])
  10. Indent a note in an outline (Press [Tab])

I bet there are more…

I mention this because it’s the nature of the forum to talk a lot about things that are hard. Some are hard because they’re obscure, others because they address inherently difficult problems. LOTS of things in Tinderbox really are quite easy, and those things give you a ton of power to address problems that are hard because that’s the way the world is.

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President Obama once said that the US Presidency is hard in part because all of the easy decisions are made before the problem gets to the President’s desk. If it’s not hard, someone other than the President can do it.

The tasks that are easy in Tinderbox are easy in other programs, too. I’m interested in Tinderbox for tasks that other programs can’t do at all.

Which likely other apps don’t even try because they are … not easy. I really feel for the developer here as whatever we suggest you seem to judge ‘hard’.

For instance you asked about sorting the outline so it reflected a map’s layout (without stating what that ‘layout’ means). What you may not realise that it’s not a ‘task’ of which I’m aware (and I’ve spent 14+ years supporting this and previous user forums/wikis. That doesn’t imply your task is wrong, just that it is a n open-known one, Which is probably why there wasn’t a description.

But, after a brief misunderstanding as to what was needed (as noted the brief was vague), within a very short time, your fellow users here had an answer which doesn’t strike me as hard now it’s been described. It answer involves setting two pop-ups in the Sort Inspector but if confused by the explanation already posted, please open a new thread where we can help walk you through the detail.

With a toolbox type app it is an easy mis-presumption that others are doing the same thing and in the same way. For long term forum readers, it is the case that few solutions are used exactly the same by numbers of users. Indeed, when someone make a TBX with a ‘finished’ workflow, the normal first question is someone wanting to change it.

On a positive note, now we’ve show we can fix one problem you have, do you have some other Tinderbox problems to share?

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