Markdown setup for DEVONthink users

For those that have/use DEVONthink there is a nice way to get a Markdown environment in Tinderbox. Enclosed is a template project file, intended to be the starting point for a Markdown project.
The changes to a standard TBX project are minimal;

  • ⌘-8 to turn of the curly quotes
  • modifying Tinderbox standard Markdown prototype to set $HTMLPreviewCommand=/usr/local/bin/multimarkdown
  • a modified style-sheet in /Hints/Preview/style
    That’s all.
    TBX with MultiMarkdown.tbx (126.7 KB)

Hey there,

⌘-8, for me, launches the document setting. Do you have a special hotkey set
Tinderbox, out of the box, support commonmark and markdown. Have you installed a multimarkdown package?

I installed a mulitmarkdown package form homebrew. Note, it conflicted with Discount and I needed to remove discount.

I thine needed to change the path as the path to my installation of markdown was not the same as yours.

After following the steps above, I got it working. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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I think I made an error here. I thought that the multimarkdown-file in /usr/local/bin was part of the DEVONthink installation. This is NOT the case (looking in another computer). I’m not really aware of from where I got the multimarkdown installation from, probably here Releases · fletcher/MultiMarkdown-6 · GitHub.
Regarding ⌘-8 it was just for information on changes done to a stock TBX startup.

Cmd+8 opens Document Settings at the last-used tab (default: “General” tab). What you’re after is the Document settings ▸ Text ▸ Smart quotes. The Markdown render engine used is stored in $HTMLPreviewCommand.

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The easiest way is to install it via homebrew (

Note that if you do use homebrew on M1 Macs, the path will be


I think that the path is still /usr/local/bin on Intel Macs, but I’m not sure.

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I got it from multimarkdown — Homebrew Formulae and got it working just fine .

Dear David Bertenshaw,
Thanks a lot for your MultiMarkdown’s information.
It works fine.
In my environment Intel mac (BigSur 11.7.5) PATH is still /usr/local/bin or

Modifying Tinderbox standard Markdown prototype
$HTMLPreviewCommand=/usr/local/bin/multimarkdown works
Both settings are working fine.
I am in a hurry to report this.
Sincerely yours, WAKAMATSU


Homebrew made some changes when they updated for M1 chips, and the change of the path for the binaries was one of them. I couldn’t remember the old path, so thanks for confirming that!


Yup, see this note:

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