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Mastering Tinderbox: 2021 Reflections, Call for Inspiration for 2022 Tinderbox Meetup and Training Video Topics

Hi All, today marks 1 year since I released the first Mastering Tinderbox video. It is hard to believe that a whole year has gone by. But, it is even harder to believe how on how much we’ve accomplished together. We’ve learned so much together and advanced not just the use of Tinderbox, but also strategies for personal and collective multi-disciplinary knowledge management.

As I look back on 2021, it was a hard year. One incredibly bright guiding light for me was and is this community. I am doing things now with my thinking and writing that I would have never thought possible. I have made friends. And, I think–I hope–that I’ve made a difference. I know you’ve all made a difference, for me. This is a direct result of my having the opportunity to interact with you all! I am grateful, thank you. :pray::heart:

Mastering Tinderbox By the Numbers

Here is a quick recap of what we accomplished this year:

  • 60 Videos
  • 439 Subscribers
  • 2.6K hours of watch time
  • Forum Top Post Charts, the trainings and related topics are in the “Top Posts for the last 12 months”; that’s pretty cool!

Sidebar: Index of Trainings & Resources See the Mastering Tinderbox: Training Videos (Complete List) post for a list of the videos (include those developed by others and really useful blogs and related resources). If you have recommended additions to this post, please DM me with links and an explanation (@satikusala); it would be great to consolidate other training and Tinderbox thought-leadership in one place.

Shout out to the Marks

Also, we can’t let an opportunity pass without giving a HUGE round of applause and appreciation to @eastgate (the maker of Tinderbox) and @mwra (the preeminent community member and volunteer); we’d not be here were it not for their decades of commitment to this community. I am constantly amazed and inspired by their intellect, graciousness, responsiveness, and commitment to service.

Looking ahead to 2022: Agenda topics for Saturday Meetups and Video Trainings

As we look ahead to 2022, I have all kinds of ideas for videos that I/we can create for Tinderbox: tactical feature “how-tos,” “example use cases,” topical epics, tools integrations, community member “spotlight interviews,” and memorializing–in the video–the back and forth interaction on particularly interesting threads. I will keep the videos coming.

REQUEST FOR INPUT: I’d love to hear what you want, not just regarding topics, but also regarding style and format (please let me know what works for you, and what does not).


Well done!!!


Thanks. :pray:

two things to be covered in a meet-up came to my mind:

  • I love your attribute to linked note approach. I would like to see, hear more about the concepts for grouping notes, terms dynamically with action code
  • we focus a lot on action code. Maybe it would be possible to show some examples for the use of different view types like chart, treemap, timeline…
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