Planting my flag; using Tinderbox to crunch and contribute, using dense datasets to generate content for Youtube and more!

Hi; Im just planting my flag here; this is what Ill be doing, I havnt lurked here so I dont know what the community is like.

Ill be using a panoply of software and Im hoping Tinderbox will be at the center of it all, I just purchased it and am really looking forward to nerding out with it in the coming years. I’ll post updates here when possible, but for now its back to cheese and wine for me.

This is my hello post!


My tentative workflow includes:


If I’m reading the diagram correctly, it portrays a fairly common approach – so you should be able to find here, in the forum, a lot of experience narratives to consider.

You mentioned “generat[ing] content for YouTube…” That maybe involves additional steps beyond the Knowledge Graphs phase of the process. Do you care to share your thoughts on how Tinderbox might fit into the generative phase of the process?

Notion is off to the side – is your Notion dataset providing input to Tinderbox or just acting as a parallel tool?

BTW – welcome!

Thanks for the interest; Im still making a lot of this up as I go but…
I plan to use tinderbox to explore the ideas I’m generating in notion and the knowledge graphs, using the contextual links and notes I can create a more detailed map of the concepts Im exploring. I may also use it as a graphical prop or else make something pretty in another software like illustrator if I will be displaying the ideas.

Notion is parallel and essential to finding the content, if it could plug into tinderbox directly - that would be interesting. But for now Ill probably use Notion to find an idea, and then use Tinderbox to explore the idea and its connections; then capture the final thoughts in a knowledge graph.

Hi Simon, welcome to the community. Feel free to DM me if you’d like to setup a call to share ideas.

I have one immediate reaction with your workflow. You can go directly from Bookends to Tinderbox, see:

We’ve also had some good discussions on Tinderbox workflows, see: An end-to-end Professional, Academic, & Personal 5Cs of Knowledge Management Workflow (Updated)

A while back there was a great exchange around different workflows that people had, but I can’t seem to find post. Maybe someone can help.

Since you’re interested in Knowledge Graphs, you may enjoy this meetup: Tinderbox Meetup Saturday 16 September Video: Knowledge Synthesis and Discourse Graphs with Joel Chan.

You might find this list of videos helpful: Mastering Tinderbox: Training Videos (Complete List)