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Printing: How to move the map to the center of the page

I have read the page set up by Mark A: http://shoantel.clarify-it.com/d/6zxmx4

I am sure I am missing something simple here:

It generally find the page setup work fine. But, I sometimes find a skewed printout where the map is only on one edge of the paper. Is there any easy way to move the maps to the middle of the canvas?

Here is my print preview. I want the map to move to the left, as shown by the red arrow.

I tried to put the whole map inside an adornment: pin it and move. But, some of the adornments left behind.

If you make an adornment sticky, it moves all the notes above it, and also all the adornments above it. A sticky adornment won’t move the adornments beneath it – it’s only sticky in front.

So, if you move your big sticky adornment to the back, everything will stick to it.

OR: use marquee (option) select, or Edit ▸ Select All, to select all the relevant notes and drag them

The method that works best for me:

  1. Create a new map tab (starting with a clean slate)
  2. Use Edit > Copy View as Image
  3. Open Preview
  4. In Preview, Edit > New from Clipboard

You’ll have a document you can crop, or print, or save, or all of the foregoing.

  1. Create a new map tab (starting with a clean slate)

I don’t understand. how is this step useful?

But, thanks: the copy view as Image worked great

I’ve found that capturing views as images with minimal borders and well-centered works best on a freshly-create map tab. I don’t know why that would be true, but it’s always been helpful to have this step.

are you pasting the old map into the newly created map before you copy as image?

I think I understand you now. You mean open it in a new map view: closing the old view. thanks: I get what you mean.

No no. Definitely not. Just a new tab on the same map.