Problem with ^include(group

Enclosed is a document testing the ^include^ export code. I’m essentially following aTbRef (^include(item|group[, template])^) text, and in particular:

Examples for as group scope, where the target attribute holds a list of notes and a ^value()^ code encloses the attribute called:


and I cannot get this to work. Can someone help me out, please.

Do not work.tbx (159.9 KB)

You need to remove the quotes out of $MyList.

If you do that, it works.

^value(…) evaluates an expression, such as 2+1 or $MyList, and replaces itself with the result.

The value of the expression "We hold these truths" is the string We these truths, so the value of. "$MyString" is the string $MyString.

Thank you both
Thought I tried to leave out the quotes, but apparently not.


BTW, we reviewed ^includes^ in today’s meetup

Tinderbox Meetup March 18, 2023 Video: Hookmark and Include Review.