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Shape of a Note - None or Displaying only Note Title Text


is there a possibility to get rid of a shape of a Note or hiding the Border, so that only the Text Title of a Note is visible?

Another question is related to a Shape in form of a Triangle. Is there a possibility to achieve this? @Eastgate would be nice to have that kind of Shape as well.

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This is on a map, correct?

Make the note interior and the note border the same color as the map background.

Obviously if either the note or the background has a pattern assigned, then this might not work. So, it’s up to you to design the colors for everything on the map.

As far as the triangle shape. If you make the shape of a note the “tag” shape, you can drag the middle handle on the pointed side of the triangle toward the opposite side and that will collapse the shape into a triangle. The is not a lot of room for the Name however --but if you play around with the handles you might arrive at a pleasant arrangement.

If you have a note that is shaped and colored and bordered the way you want then make it into a prototype and those attributes can be inherited by other notes.


Hi @PaulWalters,
yes it is on a Map.

And Thanks, it solved what I´m looking for!

Even better than making the note match the background: set the $Color of the note to transparent!

It’s tricky to get text into triangles. The tag variant Paul Walters described might tide you over. I’d be interested to see what you’re wanting to do!


I´m a visual thinker. My preferred view is the Map view.
My goal is to have visualizations like this:

* Notes with Text
* Lines doesn´t cross each other

Is there a possibility, when creating notes that automatically the lines try to not cross each other?

In the most general case, it is not always possible to avoid crossing lines.

In practice, you can do a lot by dragging the start and end of some links to a specific edge, and by changing the curvature of some links.

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Also look at the Dance feature. But if your thinking is tangled, that’s human, our robot overlords will be confused by it as we are,


LOL But I do take the point. I think it can be important to clean up that diagram.

Flow can be clear while being complex.

Agree, that clean-up is good. I was musing on the fact that what is ‘untangable’ as opposed to what is not is often unclear, before the fact, to most of us who don’t have a coding/network/graphing background. IOW, it can be hard to tell what can’t be improved.

Hi @mwra,
thanks for the Input… Yes the more Notes we have the more impossible is to not cross the links…

But for small Diagrams it should be possible to calculate within Tinderbox to not cross the lines.

The Dance Feature helps, but the View is arranged without my control.

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Here’s a really simple and small Tinderbox map which is also a non-planar graph: it cannot be drawn in two dimensions without intersecting links.

Indeed, routing links to minimize intersections is quite an interesting and difficult problem. Finding the optimal answer is, if I recall correctly, NP-hard — which is to say, computationally intractable. Finding an adequate answer proved too hard for practical maps when last I looked. But that was some years ago; I hope to have another look at the problem.


I´m sure this would be valuable!
My Exploration Thought Process starts often with a kind of Mindmap. One Main-Topic and a couple of Sub-Topics. At this phase, it should be possible to automatically arrange links without intersections.
But I know from experience… Often the simple-looking things are difficult to achieve.
Thanks to all for helping with this Topic!

In which case, the ‘Dance’ method should help as a mind map should not have intersecting or cross-linked branches.

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There is some discussion here on suggestions for future Tinderbox link capabilties. For situations with just one main topic and a few sub-topics these would be overkill. However, if your mind map expands and becomes more complex I would expect some of the ideas expressed like visualising only parts of the tree, showing only certain link types and other filtering options could also be useful in your context.

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