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Simplenote integration not working

I tried connecting a working Tinderbox with Simplenote and It doesnt appear o work. I do not see any of my Tinderbox notes in Simplenote afrer inputting my Simplenote credentials in document settings in Tinderbox.

Is the Simplenote integration with Tinderbox no longer functional?

I can confirm that Simplenote sync does work – I just now set up a new Tinderbox document, configured it to sync, and it did.

  • Make sure you have indicated valid tags to sync – Simplenote is case sensitive with regard to tags. bananas and Bananas might be interpreted differently by it.
  • Sync is dependent on Simplenote’s API being active on their end, up, and running. It’s a free service – they guarantee nothing will work. If it doesn’t work – try again in a few hours. I’ve often seen long delays. There are normally long intervals between sync events. Check out the Simplenote sync status in Tinderbox’s Inspector. If the dial does not show progress, then sync is not occurring. On their end, Simplenote can and will throttle sync and limit the frequency and amount of sync, and it can and will stop the sync service from time to time.

  • All synced notes are placed in a container in your document named Simplenote – aliases in that container do not sync.
  • If you need to use a synced note somewhere else in your document – select the note in the Simplenote container, create an alias then drag the alias out of the Simplenote container to the other container where you want to use the note.

For more info see here

Thanks. FWIW I have never managed to make this work, ie, the progress indicator in the Inspector is ALWAYS inactive and no Tinderbox notes or tags ever appear in my Simplenote account, even though I have sometimes had the Tinderbox document open for many days on end. It’s hard to believe they would let months go by between syncs, so I have a feeling I am missing something here. My Simplenote account is live and has older notes in it. My document settings have Simplenote sync enabled and the account credentials entered. Yet there’s never any sign that the two apps are connected. Moreover, the Simplenote container in my document is always empty. It’s a puzzle I had given up on solving until I saw this discussion thread.

The trick for me was to make sure that I was careful about using tags - making sure they matched perfectly, not just in case, but in punctuation too.

Do you mean you have to create the tags in Simplenote before sync? I had assumed sync would create tags in Simplenote. After all, that’s how any kind of sync normally works.

Sync is initially from Simplenote to Tinderbox. See the instructions above and at the linked page at aTbRef. It might be useful if it worked as you imagine it could — but it doesn’t.

I found by trial and error that things worked that way. One side doesn’t like multi-word tags (or I don’t know how to create them properly) - so “Feedback and Demos” became “Feedback” “and” “Demos”. My workaround is the reliable old underscore (“Feedback_and_Demos”)

Thanks. Would have been nice if the manual or Tinderbox website explained how this works, but I guess that is what this forum is for.


So I looked at the instructions above, but I don’t see how they apply, because my sync settings consist of only my ID and password for my Simplenote account. I have no tags in the tags box. According to TbRef, here (http://www.acrobatfaq.com/atbref7/index/PreferencesDocumentSetti/DocumentSettings/Accounts/tags.html) the absence of any tags in that box should cause all notes in the doc to sync. Instead, it seems that none sync (though since I removed tags I do get a progress indicator in the Inspector. So Tinderbox thinks it is syncing somewhere. somehow.

OK, the information I was missing is this: What is sync’d is only what is in the Simplenote container in the Tinderbox doc. There is no mention of this in the manual or in any explanation I could find. But with this bit of knowledge, I now understand how to make sync work. Aliases of the notes I want to sync go in the Simplenote container in my doc. If I wanted to sync the entire doc, I would then have to put an alias of every single note into the Simplenote container, right?


Yes; you’d build your entire document inside the Simplenote container.

Ah, that’s a much better way! Thanks, Mark, as ever.

Reviving an older thread…

SimpleNote sync has absolutely stopped working for me since the past 4-5 months; it used to work just fine and dependably - just as long of course as one doesn’t expect notes to sync right away, as @PaulWalters mentioned.

For me though, a complete standstill. Tried creating new test docs and so on. Tinderbox generates the requisite “SimpleNote” Note, but it never becomes a container. My existing tinderbox files that used to merrily sync are now eerily passive, unsyncing.

(tried with v.7.5.6, v.8.0.1, and v.8.0.4)

We’ll investigate. Thanks

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Yes, Simplenote sync is dead in 8.0.4. Nothing happens.

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Confirmed: Simplenote says

We are not supporting additional third-party Simplenote applications at this time. This could change though, so please stay tuned!

I’d suggest using Notes instead, or Evernote.


Thanks for the clarification!
Pity; I’d really gotten accustomed to SN.

Notes and Evernote sync are not always reliable – both have weird handling of images and rich text and do not play well with Tinderbox. I prefer File > Watch > Folder from Finder… and use a folder in iCloud Drive or Dropbox, so I can access that source also on other devices. Syncing a DEVONthink group is also a good choice.

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Good to know, thanks @PaulWalters! Will give that a try and test out with content other than plain text, as well.

You probably already know this, but for anyone that’s playing with Mac OS 10.15 Catalina betas, Watch Folder from Notes doesn’t currently work, I suppose because Apple has changed something in its database.

This is for info and caution only - I don’t expect @eastgate to support beta operating software