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Slipping of notes in map view

It often happens, that the notes slip slightly away in map view, as soon as I click (choose) them. When the notes are very near to each other, it also happens in this situation, that they melt together to a composite. After undoing and retrying, the same happens again. Is anyone here experiencing similar things?
Also, when I choose many notes in map view, and they were perfectly aligned before, they slip out of alignment, when choosing them one after another (cmd-click).
Any fixes for this behavior (besides aligning the notes via a rule…)?

If you are getting unwanted composites, and don’t need/use composites, set the parent container’s $NeverComposite to true. This effectively disables composite creation in that map. If your document doesn’t use composites at all, then you could make the same attribute value change at document level via the Document Inspector.

My question aimed not so much towards the avoidance of composites but more towards the avoidance of slipping or unintentional moving of notes… Sorry, if I did not express this clearly enough…

But nevertheless this is a good hint!

The alignment / kibbitzer features of a map can get in the way sometimes. I think that’s the ‘slipping’ you see. I find that if fine placement of a note is needed and I don’t want Tinderbox to make that decision that if I click the note I want to move, start moving and then press and hold the Shift key, that Tinderbox’s alignment routines are silenced until I finish the movement and let go the Shift key.

Unfortunately, I do not know if that’s an intentional feature or not – but at least, for now, it works.

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Note that you can turn off guides by toggling View ▸ Guides.

I’v been doing a lot of on-the-fly note-taking in map view for the last few days, since I’ve been at the ACM Hypertext Conference on Hypertext and Social Media, where typically the papers have been either

  1. Research on systems that are doing things I want to do in Tinderbox, where I want to capture the results and evaluation in detail, or

  2. Research in areas where I’m barely able to keep up (security issues in machine learning, for example)

I’ve been making and moving notes like mad, and I’ve had less trouble with the guides than I had expected. (I know there’s one kibbitzer that’s gone astray in 7.5.4, but it’s only arisen once in hundreds and hundreds of drags.)

Any movement on select is very strange; I might almost wonder if your mouse has a loose wheel?

Hi - I am a new user who had great anticipation for using the Map view, however, Map view is driving me crazy.

Every time, no exaggeration, I enter into a map view, my notes are somewhere out of view. I always have to zoom-in, zoom-out, and pan the viewport around until I can locate them. It has become a horrible game of hide and seek. Added to this, some notes seem to drift off far away from the main grouping. So in addition to the hide and seek exercise, I have to use the cleanup feature to pull the notes together, which has forced me to abandon using the adornments that I created to group my notes.

I am using the latest version of TB on Mac OS 10.13.5.

I searched the forums for possible solutions and found nothing to solve the problem.

Any suggestions?


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Hey @Corey,

you can find something about this here.
But I know exactly what you mean. This drives me also a bit crazy.

Thanks, Kay.

I saw that thread and tried working with the suggestion:

“If you want to fix the position of the viewport use $MapScrollX and $MapScrollY via a rule to reset the viewport scope (see more 9).”

But achieved no relief.

Not clear if there is a planned fix coming or this is an elusive problem

I’m not sure we user’s can help. W’ve explained some things you can do/try. Beyond that, if you want more detail please contact technical support. I note you read the thread @cremoer mention, which ends up with a suggestion to contact technical support. So, why post the same question this thread (which is on a different topic)?

We (users here) aren’t hiding anything, the answer given - of contacting tech support - is genuine. Please at least give that a try before re-posting on this.

Nice „trick“! :+1:

What is this „kibbitzer“?

My understanding is this is an informal descriptions of the bits of code involved in effecting all the guides and snap-to-grid processes.

The drag+Shift override is documented. aTbRef’s reverse lookup guide is perhaps the most comprehensive all-in-one listing of Tinderbox shortcuts/modifiers. It’s a long article but you can use your browser’s Find feature to look for key words and help zero in on potential items of interest. This can be easier than reading lots of articles - especially if you don’t know where the hoped for shortcut may be described.

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The good old aTbRef! :grinning:

I have clearly broken away forum etiquette. Apologies to you and all.

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No apology needed. All are welcome here.

Hopefully support can shed some light on the issue. :smile:

I have never seen notes “drift” away from other notes in…what is it? 17 years?… of supporting and using Tinderbox.