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Start of the week in calendar picker


how do I change the “calendar picker” to start a week with Mondays and not Sundays? This is not a huge issue but continues to confuse and annoy me.



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It appears to be fixed. There is no preference setting. FWIW, it doesn’t follow OS Language & Regions settings.

Is it fixed for you in 7.5.4 (for me it isn’t)? If I may ask, what are your “region & language” settings?

My OS has Monday start and Tinderbox v7.5.4b328 has a fixed Sunday start. So I guess a fix can’t come before the next release. I’ve already made some report in this on a separate channel. My hunch is a fix would be to align the choice with the OS locale as Tinderbox does that for several other settings. But, we’ll have to wait and see.

Oh, I understand. Thanks for the quick response!

I’ll file a request for Tinderbox 8

I just ran into this while creating a Timeline where the starting line for a week lines up with Sundays rather than Mondays. Can you extend the request to cover week lines for Timeline view as well?

Understood; it’s another example of accidental American bias in the design. Sorry!

Very interesting. I would have never assumed that in the US the week would start with something else than Monday, but even MS Office has Sunday as the default.

How odd. As a youngster, here in UK, diaries/calendars were Sunday-start, but the Monday-start style crept in from somewhere in the years since. I’d assumed it was US influence, so I wonder where Monday-start comes from.

Probably taking this further than necessary: Monday is the ISO standard. So the UK was probably harmonized with the EU regulations back in the day.

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Sunday start is common practice for U.S. calendars, probably for religio-cultural reasons. Most calendar apps created in the U.S. default to Sunday, as does macOS. But macOS can be configured for any first day of week regardless of the region.

So, if Wednesday is the configured “First day”, then the standard macOS date picker adapts accordingly.


It would be useful (and standard) if Tinderbox just followed macOS preferences and also used the macOS date picker widget.


Is this already a part of Tinderbox 8?

Not yet, but it’s on the roadmap.