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TBX Tip: Applying a prototype to notes in outline view

Did you know this? In outline view you can apply a prototype to one or more selected notes?

Show me how

  1. Go to online view
  2. Select one or more notes
  3. Rt. mouse click on the note icon to the left of the note’s name
  4. Select the desired prototype from the dropdown list

That’s it!

Figure: Example of one note selected to apply the prototype (you can select as many notes as you’d like).

Acknowledgment: I learned this one from @moudheus


Also to be found described here. With such a lot of tool in the box and 20 years life, it’s hardly surprising there are seemingly obscure corners. Ironically, this is a feature I use a lot as the size (# of notes) of my work files means I spend more time in Outline and AB view than others.

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I remember the AHA moment I had when you(@satikusala) explained this to me on Zoom !!

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