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Text Color cannot change

I don’t know why, but I can’t change the color of only text. (See attached).
And this file is new one default. (attached tbx)

How can I fix this? :upside_down_face:

test.tbx (89.1 KB)

I think your confusion arises form a misunderstanding of $TextColor, e.g. as set via the Text Inspector’s text tab as opposed to styling within existing text.

$TextColor sets the text colour for the whole of a new note; i.e. it’s the colour used for character #1 and all thereafter unless/until you apply a further non-default choice (more on the latter, below). If you set the document-level value of $TextColor to blue the text of every new note would all be in blue. Pre-existing notes are not affected. But, by selecting all/part of such notes and using menu Format ▸ Style ▸ Standard Font the default $TextColor is applied.

The same Style menu also has options to set ad hoc colour—as I think is your intent. There are options to text Red, Blue, Green, Gray (Grey) or Black with a shortcut for each. Using any of the latter colours the selected text. If you want to set some other colour than those choices, use menu Format ▸ Font ▸ Show Colors. Clicking that option opens the macOS [sic] Colors palette using which you can apply what ever colour you desire to the current selection in $Text.


  • $TextColor set defaults for new notes
  • Format menu options are used for styling existing text selections.

If there is anywhere where you thing the documentation is unclear *or lack cross-reference) do say. 'Missing; info gets harder to spot the better you come to know the subject.

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I’ve already made a few changes to try and head off the need for this question for future readers - see my new post at Styling existing $Text.

If I’ve missed anything, i’m still open to suggestions.

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Hi, Mark.
Thanks for information,! I’ll study hard.! :smiling_face:

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