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Tinderbox Backups

Some of the documentation refers to TB making backups. I have not found the preference for this and don’t see backups in the support folder. I see that “revert to” accesses time machine and I have a general backup strategy in place, but wanted to check if this backup feature is still available in v7. Thanks! --George

Back-ups predate the shift to Cocoa frameworks in v6. Currently, the app uses built-in versioning as the app auto-saves edits; pre-v6 a save was a user-incited action. Now, saving happens in the background. The File -> Revert To menu shows recent auto-saves. Beyond that, if you use Time Machine if offers further past snapshots.

Thrill-seekers who’ve rushed move to High Sierra might want to read Howard Oakley’s report on its inconstant support of back-ups due to the HFS+ => AFS file system change 10.12 - 10.13. Presumably to avoid rapid updating apple have perhaps been negligent is reporting the problems this creates. ISTM if updating you want to do so for all your Macs. For once, I’m hanging back on the update as the implications of the Os change seem poorly thought through re existing users.

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