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Tinderbox Lesson: Becker's June 2022 Session with his Patrons

Tinderbox Lesson: Becker’s June 2022 Session with his Patron

Level Intermediate and Advanced
Published Date 7/14/22
Revision 1
Tags 5CKMEl, 5Cs of Knowledge Management and Exchange, Action Code, Email Automation, Event Programming, Qualitative Data Analysis, Sponsorship Sales, Tinderbox, aTbRef
Video Length 01:12:01
Video URL Tinderbox Lesson: Becker's June 2022 Session with his Patrons - YouTube
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TBX Version 9.2
Instructor Michael Becker

In this Lesson I sat down with my Patrons to review several cool things I’ve been doing with Tinderbox. During my monthly Patron sessions, we also address specific projects that me Patrons are working on, e.g. we also worked through an exercise to help one individual organize and manage the sponsors for his event/program and other to thing through unique uses of action code to manage note sorting.

  1. Topics Covered
  2. Event/Program sponsorship/fundraising pipeline/funnel management framework
  3. Perform Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA) with Tinderbox: ingest a transcription from Otter.ai conversation, highlight conversational notes, code and analyze notes
  4. Email from Tinderbox
  5. Autonumbering figures with agents
  6. Use action code to ensure a specific note is always the last child
  7. Sub-Topics Covered

In this video, we show how to:

  • organize notes
  • tag notes
  • automate liking
  • calculation sums of numbers using Action Code
  • Create an inventory of items to be sold
  • use the Attribute Browser to edit and export notes to Excel
  • use the Crosstabs View to managed sold inventory
  • use AppleScript and shortcuts to email from Tinderbox


Complete video list

You’ll find a Tinderbox reference file for this video on the Tinderbox Forum: Mastering Tinderbox: Training Videos (Complete List)

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A Tinderbox Reference File

You can find The Tinderbox Reference File at A Tinderbox Reference File. This is an amazing, invaluable, resource, developed by Mark Anderson, that includes an overview of every Tinderbox capability.

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You’re Invited To Be My Patron:

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Awesome video Michael with updates to the Tom Websters/Mark Anderson’s Sort Maps, Email Applescript and Highlights/Otter.ai shortcut script. Lots of discussions about QDA in this video.

Community will enjoy.

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One day I’ll be able to make a live session, but New Zealand is at the bottom of the world and in the completely wrong timezone for me.

Interesting set of problems that were discussed, and I’ve still yet to really deep-dive into TB. But your videos, Michael, are a great inspiration - keep 'em going.

Also, weren’t you going to put together a course for newbies like me? I’d be happy to sign up and join in when it’s done.


Thanks. Yes, I will keep it up. Yup, working on the course. Work, school, kids, couple of books, have all kept me quite busy, but I am drafting the course now.

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