Tinderbox Meetup 06 August 20222: Fundamentals: 5Cs and 3 Pillars of Personal Knowledge Management

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Published Date 7/22/22
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Instructor Michael Becker
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In this meetup we went through a ton, in fact, it went for 2 hours: we discussed how Becker’s 5Cs of Knowledge Management (collect, curate, create, collaborate, contribute) and the three pillars of personal knowledge management (content, structure, design) all come together in Tinderbox; these frameworks will help you master your note creation, notes curation, incremental insights creation, and development, and contribute (a.ka. publish) your work.

We dove into the differences of how humans and computers think. With computers, you need to give them specific instructions as they are literal thinkers; they will do what you tell them to do.

We discussed how to work with Tinderbox’s tools—action code, export code, and explode, in particular; you can use these to massage your content and output, e.g. how to create bulleted lists, repurpose your content, and develop functional templates to suit your individual needs. Finally, we conclude with the idea of incremental formalization, i.e. current your content over time, meet the tool where you are at and grow with it, use other tools as you need to, change strategies when you need to, and use Tinderbox to learn the standard language of the Internet, and more.

Tips & Tricks

  1. In map view, hold the option key down, click and draft to select multiple notes.
  2. Use shift+opt+cmd+v to paste unformatted text from the clipboard, as opposed to cmd+v which will paste formatted text
  3. Click in a note, select cmd+a to select all content, and then opt+cmd+t to remove all formatting from the text
  4. Regex can be used to start through your content and to create back-references that will populate values that can be used in export code
  5. Markdown can be an effective way to create semi-structured content without polluting your content with html and other structure code
  6. Use aTbRef as your guide to understand the tools
  7. With your content strive to achieve “atomicity,” the state or fact of being composed of indivisible units.

Community suggested resources

  1. RegEx Express Video
  2. https://regexr.com/ for regex explanations
  3. Text expander tools: Text Expander, TypeIt4M
  4. RegEx Debugger, DebuggerexBeta
  5. RegEx app, Expressions
  6. Kaleidoscope for text Dif management is an awesome diff app
  7. The 1% Rule
  8. Panorama X
  9. Artisanal Software Festival
  10. Alred
  11. Sematic resources
  12. SGML Hisotry
  13. Fun fact: Andy Van Dam and Ted Nelson’s HES which was created at Brown U in (late ‘68) was the first hypertext system running on commercially available computers (IMB 360 IITC)
  14. Transclusion
  15. https://nvultra.com/
  16. obsidian


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Wonderful with Subject time stamping. Thanks Michael.


This was an outstanding meetup, and kudos to Michael Becker and others for their great comments.

I have watched the entirety of the regular expressions Vimeo video recommended by Mark Anderson, and it is definitely worthwhile. Through these meetups I’ve gotten an appreciation of using regular expression in Tinderbox but also within Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. Hats off!

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