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Tinderbox Meetup: Bay Area


Greetings, All!

I would love to have a local meetup if there are any Tinderbox users in the Bay Area. I live in Hayward, so I’m fairly central to North Bay, South Bay, and the City.

Is anyone else interested?

I own Tinderbox, but confess I’m still a bit intimidated—plus I have a bit of the perfectionist problem: I’m afraid to start till I know I will immediately create the most perfect Tinderbox file. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I must say that @beck has been amazingly inspirational and gives me hope!

So…let’s get together!



Great idea. Even though it’s a bit of a trek for me

Speaking of… Mark, do IIRC that you’re in Massachusetts? I’ll be visiting Amherst in a couple of weeks.

I’m north of Boston.

Amherst is fun!

I would be interested in a Bay Area meetup.

I’m also interested in a Bay Area meetup. (I’m in the East Bay as well.)

:wave: Jorge! Good to see you here!

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I would love a Tinderbox Meetup. I’m in the South Bay.

I’m based on the other side of the country (DC), but welcome the idea of revving up the Tinderbox Meetup concept.

DC here also – a meetup in the DMV would be welcome.

I’m in San Jose. Once we get a list of who’s interested, we can meet at a midpoint.

West coaster, here: Seattle.

Wonderful! Here’s what I have:

@eastgate: north of Boston (Mark)
@beck: Seattle
@markez: Bay Area
@jarango: East Bay
@sweetheart777: South Bay
@JFallows: DC
@PaulWalters: DC
@gregginca: San Jose

Four in the Bay Area, four farther out. If those farther out plan on visiting the Bay Area, let me know and I’ll organize an impromptu gathering! I’m also happy to schedule a Zoom meeting for everyone, though my personal account is the free one, so groups over three are limited to 40 minutes. I might be able to use my work account; I’ll check.

I know November and December are a busy time of the year for most. Currently I’m free every Saturday and Sunday in November except Sunday, November 17. What about a November weekend day for a physical meetup? If we want to try a Zoom meeting, my workday usually ends around 1p or 2p PT

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I’m in the East Bay. I would attend one at a mid-point that’s accessible by BART. Otherwise, the onerous drive is just not worth it, and the South Bay might as well be Los Angeles.

So I’m in the city - I can BART east into Berkeley and go south as far as Millbrae . I am happy to use zoom as a first cut too.

Is there a possibility of streaming/capturing some video of the meeting, or having a little bit of Facetime-style “drop-in” for remote TB users (even on the other side of the world) who would like to hear about the experiences of other users and participate in a meetup also please?

I like the idea of a virtual meet up, too.

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a virtual meet up works for me too.

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An virtual meetup would be awesome. This would enable me to attend from europe :wink:

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so! awesome!

i have a zoom account, but it’s the free account, so meetings with three or more people are limited to forty minutes. since we use it at work all day long from the bay to scotland, i’ll ask IT or my manager if it would be ok to host a personal meeting (what’s the saying about forgiveness being easier to get then permission? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

worst case: i create two back-to-back meetings or i create the first, someone else created the second!

east coast + west coast aren’t too challenging, but adding europe becomes a tad trickier. @Damir, which country? i know scotland is eight hours ahead. if west coast folk are OK with late morning saturday at 10a or 11a, that would only be 6p or 7p for europe.

we could aim for this coming saturday at 10a. does that work for our first meetup? and we can have others too, of course.