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Tinderbox Meetup: Bay Area

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I’m good with early morning (before 10a) PST. Can’t do 10am this Saturday, could possibly make 11a, but may be late.

before 10a works even better for europe. i get up at 4:30a so it’s not a problem for me. happy to meet earlier as well. or 11a + of that works for others.

Depending on the date, this would work for me to - I’m in the UK (which counts as Europe for now, but who knows for how much longer …:joy:

we’re still planning on this coming saturday, 11/16, as far as i know :slight_smile:

Hi my name is Sydney,
I live in the East Bay, near Berkeley.
Is there still room for another person to join in a virtual or physical meetup?

Oh - so now you’re expecting me to have noticed that rather obvious fact :grinning:

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Thanks for setting this up. Are we doing FaceTime or Zoom?
If you do Zoom, here’s the info from the Zoom help Chat Log telling me what to do, in case others are not familiar with Zoom.

  • Download the free Zoom version and create an account
    from zoom.us/join

  • You’ll need the meeting ID or the link in the invite to join the meeting.

If there’s anything I missed, please let me know. If I am the only one who doesn’t know this, sorry for being pedantic.


exciting! i’ll start the zoom room and share the url just before 10a PT.

since i don’t have a paid account, i believe we’re only allowed 40 minutes. but i assume i can just start a new zoom and past the new url after that.

can’t wait to meet everyone! see you saturday at 10a PT!

I’ll try, but I’ve got some conflicts to clear!

i’m really looking forward to this! i may try to start the room early, but with a forty-minute limit, we’ll have to quit and start again a time or three. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Wish I could join you all tomorrow, but I have a commitment at 10a. I hope to see you next time!

I know you have a plan, but just curious, wouldn’t it be easier to just use FaceTime, which would not have a time limit and since we all have Apple products? Are we not doing that because of potential security risks? Just trying to learn.

Looking forward to this.
Again thanks from Berkeley

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hey, syd,

it’s a good question—and i’m certainly still angry with the stunt zoom pulled a couple few months ago!

but for facetime to work, we’d all have to share our private email addresses or phone numbers. that might prevent some who might otherwise join the call.

also, i confess it hadn’t occurred to me. is it even available yet, and how well does it work with more than five people? i know there were problems with its initial release so apple pulled it. i assume it’s working now?

i agree that the forty-minute limit for group conferences on free accounts is annoying. maybe if i find i’m doing this a lot, the $15/month will sound like a deal, but for now it’s a bit steep. :man_shrugging:

alas, but looking forward to the next.

i do plan on starting early and could start earlier still, but i assume there’s travel time involved and getting ready before that. :grinning:

enjoy your weekend and until soon!

Have to pull out - sorry all. Minor but urgent domestic crisis.

Really hopE it goes well and that there’s a next one

yikes! hope all goes well!

OK. here’s the URL for now:

I’ll close this session and start a new one at 9:55 :slight_smile:

and here’s the new URL:

Thanks for the background info and for the links. installing and setting up now.
I have done chats with more than one person suing mac software, It was a while ago so I think it was iChat. Video. We will leave it for another discussion.
See you soon.