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Tinderbox Meetup: Bay Area

can’t wait to see you online!!

even THE mark bernstein is here!

Working on it now. Little issue downloading. Is the link above the invitation link?

yes. click the second link. the first is now expired.

Great meeting! Happy to do it again :slight_smile:

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What a treat it was to meet you all! Thank you!

I’ll set up another online meetup soon, and I’ll arrange one for those in the Bay Area who’d like to meet up in person. Have a great weekend, Everyone.

Links Discussed

From Mark Bernstein

Beck’s Demos

turning reading notes into a tinderbox map:

tinderbox as a zettlekasten:

prettier tindebox maps:

Starting Template From Mark Bernstein

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Thank you all for participating.

I am excited to try some new things.

Beck, would you consider sharing some of your updated “templates” of anything you use to track progress, planning, conceptualizations?

Not sure if others are interested, but I would be happy to learn by checking out the back end for the containers and structures and writing the descriptions, uses, parameters, etc. It might be useful for you to have some of them for when you share your work.

Do your videos talk about how you use DEVONthink and where you store those files (in or out of DTP)?

I like the idea of having/making a few tutorials: “So you like this [use case example] Tinderbox Setup, Here’s How to Make it”

To be fair to those people who have done lots of work before, I recall there are quite a few “Step Through” process tutorials, both written and video. Before embarking on those, take a look at what’s been done so as not to repeat their work, but add to it.


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beck, if i may ask a question:

there’s been an amazing transformation of your zettelkasten. i thought it was actually beautiful. was it a labor of love or relatively easy?

i ask because i always seem to struggle with perfectionism. i’m afraid that i will start the wrong way and not be able to recover without extensive rework, and if i had just started the “right” way, i would have avoided the calamity. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Sylvaticus — I quite enjoy making the maps aesthetically pleasing. I find it relatively easy, once I realized some of the capacities of Tinderbox (mostly stamps to help make things tidy and consistent).

Regarding perfectionism, perhaps a page from Anne Lamott is in order. Start with a “shitty first draft” and then edit your way toward more pleasing maps, if that’s your thing. For me it definitely is and I see it as just part of the fun of TBX.

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@iknewiwassmart I’ll keep that in mind and get back to you. Perhaps over the holidays when my teaching and studies calm down a bit.

i love anne lamott’s shitty first draft!

so it seems this is the same file you started with, made prettier. that helps a lot. thank you :pray: