Tinderbox Meetup Saturday, 24 Feb. 2024: Blogging and Weblogging with Tinderbox

Tinderbox Meetup Saturday, 24 Feb. 2024: Blogging and Weblogging with Tinderbox

Level Intermediate
Published Date 2/26/24
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Type Meetup
Tags 5CKMEl, 5Cs of Knowledge Management and Exchange, Blogging, East Gate, Identity Praxis, Tinderbox, Web Logging, aTbRef
Video Length 01:30:42
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Video URL https://youtu.be/c3xlM0KfeSc
TBX Version 8.9
Instructor Michael Becker

In this Tinderbox Meetup, we opened up with a 10-minute TBX session with @mwra. @mwra explored the use of Tinderbox shortcuts while in Outline View. Following this session, Dave Rogers (@dmrogers) and Jack Baty (@jackbaty) explored different strategies for blogging/weblogging with Tinderbox. We explore organizing your blog/weblog, hosting, exploring and publishing, and content ideation strategies.



I was able to see the answer to my last question (internet dropped at the inopportune moment), thanks much @dmrogers and @jackbaty for the spirited demo!

@mwra, that is a really solid suggestion that any mistakes can be sandboxed, and in fact test exports can be a fantastic learning and er, testing environment! :pray:


Did we save the chat? I forgot to.

I’m not sure demo-ing shortcuts makes compelling video :open_mouth: but as some noted it helped and whether there were any notes, see below for more on shortcuts in Outline:

Alter Current Selection

If nothing is selected selected:
Up-Arrow or Down-Arrow will select first outline item

If selection present :
Up-Arrow: Select Previous (Visible) Note
Down-Arrow: Select Next (Visible) Note
N.B. collapsed containers are not expanded
(Using Cmd+Opt with the arrows does the same)

[Fn]+Up-Arrow: scroll one page (screen) up
[Fn]+[Shift]+Up-Arrow: Go to outline Home

Tab: Demote current selection
Tab+[Shift]: Promote current selection

Cmd+Opt+X: Open note as a standalone window

Focus the view

[Cmd]+[Shift]+Down-arrow: Focus / Hoist / ‘Drill down’
[Cmd]+[Shift]+Up-Arrow: Expand view / Un-hoist.

Double-click+Outline Note icon: Focus / Hoist / ‘Drill down’

[Cmd]+R: show original
[Cmd]+[Shift]+R: show original in a new tab (with parent hoisted)

Tab+[Opt]: Toggle focus: $Text → first Displayed Attribute → main view → $Text

Changing the existing selection

[Shift]+Up-Arrow: Extend Outline view selection upwards by one note
[Shift]+Down-Arrow: Extend Outline view selection downwards by one note

[Fn]+Down-Arrow: Outline view, scroll one page (screen) down
[Fn]+[Shift]+Down-Arrow: Outline view, go to End

[Cmd]+A: select all
[Cmd]+[Opt]+[Ctrl]+A: deselect all

With focus in the $Text area of the text pane:
[Cmd]+[Opt]+[Up-Arrow]: move selection up one
[Cmd]+[Opt]+[Down-Arrow]: move selection down one

Expand/contract outline

Left-arrow. If selection is an expanded container, collapse container (if selection is a child, select the parent)

Right-arrow. If selection is a collapsed container, expand container (if selection is a leaf, collapse parent and select it)

[Cmd]+[Opt]+Left-Arrow: Collapse container
[Cmd]+[Opt]+Right-Arrow: Expand container

Outline disclosure triangle+[click]+[Cmd]: Show/hide children of this and all sibling containers after this in $OutlineOrder (toggle)
Outline disclosure triangle+[click]+[Cmd]+[Opt]: Expand/Collapse All Containers (toggle)
Outline disclosure triangle+[click]+[Opt]: Expand All Descendants (toggle)

Move selected item(s)

[Cmd]+Up-Arrow: moves selected item(s) one place up, i.e. lower in outline order, within current container only
[Cmd]+Down-Arrow: moves selected item(s) one place down, i.e. higher in outline order, within current container only

Tab: demote as child of previous sibling
[Shift]+Tab: promote as next sibling of parent


Delete Backwards: Delete current item and select previous item
Delete Forwards (Fn + Back Delete): Delete current item and select next item
(works in container scope, if previous/next would be out-of-container, the next/previous is selected instead.

Creating notes

Return: Create a note as next sibling
[Ctrl]+Return: Create note as previous sibling
[Shift]+Return: Create child note as last sibling
[Opt]+[Shift]+Return: Create child note as first sibling

Double-click (view, no note selected): Create note at end of root of currently displayed outline

[Cmd]+[Shift]+A: create agent

[Cmd]+D: duplicate the selection, NB auto-increment
[Option]+click in view pane: duplicate note, as younger sibling

[Cmd]+L: alias the selection
[Opt]+[Shift]+click in view pane: make alias of note, as younger sibling

Window Input focus

[Opt]+Tab: Toggle focus: $Text → first Displayed Attribute → main view → $Text
Spacebar: move focus to $Text area

Edit a title/rename

Any of:
Double-click $Name text
Click-hold (long click) on $Name text

When in $Name edit mode:
[Ctrl]+Return: insets a line break in $Name
[Opt]+Return: insets a line break in $Name

Edit a name style

[Cmd]+B: bold
[Cmd]+I: italic (remember aliases use italicised titles!)
[Cmd]+[Shift]± (minus): strike-though

Magnify view

Cmd+Plus: Magnify (zoom in)
Cmd± (minus): Shrink (zoom out)

Pane width allocation

Cmd+4: Text pane only
Cmd+5: Text and View (even split)
Cmd+6: view pane only


[Cmd]+F: Open Find bar (use ‘Done’ button to close)

[Cmd]+[Opt]+[F] open filter

[Cmd]+[Shift]+E: Explode current note

[Cmd]+[Opt]+I: Get info for current item

[Cmd]+[Opt]+L: Browse links (opens over text pane)

[Cmd]+[Shift]+C: Copy view as image (to clipboard)

[Cmd]+1: show Inspector
[Cmd]+3: show Quickstamp

[Cmd]+Return: Navigate (follow first listed basic link)
[Cmd]+ ’ (apostrophe): Go back (reverse Navigate)

In in doubt the most comprehensive list is the Reverse Look-up Map listed in the quicklinks top and bottom of every aTbRef page.

Not all notes work in every view. Many Apple text-edit shortcuts like [Cmd]+← moves the text edit cursor to the start of the line/paragraph.

Shortcut not working? It may be being used by another app. Apps register their shortcuts on starting. If two apps map a feature to the same output, the app first to be opened ‘owns’ the shortcut for the rest of its session.


Yes, I just added it above: https://forum.eastgate.com/uploads/short-url/chRWUbxdWfQ7CmEHnM0Nyj0xSHo.txt.