Tinderbox Meetup - Saturday, April 29, 2023 Video: Zettelkasten Review, Markdown, Links vs. Attributes

Tinderbox Meetup - Saturday, April 29, 2023 Video: Zettelkasten Review, Markdown, Links vs. Attributes

Level Intermediate
Published Date 4/29/23
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Type Meetup
Tags 5Cs, 5Cs Knowledge Management, DARPA, Note-taking, Ontology, Screengrab, Technography, Terms: Dictionary, Zettelkasten
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Instructor Michael Becker

In this Tinderbox Meetup, we’ve covered quite a few topics. It was super fun and engaging. The dialog led to playing with a dictionary and using action code to create and link notes. We also discussed report writing and templates but in a more general sense.


Taking good notes

Meaningful meeting notes are a lot of work and take tons of skill and sensitivity to the language and the context.

Chuck Wade: “Good notes from a meeting are NOT a transcription.” Let’s recall what a “good note†” is: For a note to be considered “good,” i.e., for it to have value, it must have the following properties:

  1. Relevance, maintains context
  2. Truth, reliability (argues, evidence, rhetoric; it is value vying)
  3. Usefulness, ties to relevance, helps to further project, simplify a theory or model
  4. Beauty, seen as elegance in the movement, is the intuitive beauty of efficiency and movement (e.g., big cats: hidden qualities, symmetry, charisma, health, power)
  5. Simplicity, information can be condensed without losing meaning and can transfer efficiently

Value-Added Properties of a Good Note

Markdown Discuss

What apps do I use to write something down? Do I use MultMarkdown? Do I use the Markdown Syntax? Do I use Drafts? This led to an extensive discussion on the difference between Markdown authoring and related (e.g., LaTex) authoring apps vs. the use of authoring syntax, e.g., LaTex vs. flavors of Markdown. A key point made was with Tinderbox, you can actually work with a text pattern; you can even make up your own if you want.

Linking vs. Attributes: Answer Use Both

The question was, “to create context do we link to a note or use an attribute,” the answer is you use both. Becker demonstrated using attributes and action code to create and link notes automatically, as well as to assign prototypes.



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