Tinderbox Meetup Sunday 26th, March 2023

Looking forward to the meetup.

Time: Saturday, March 18, 2023, 12:00 noon Eastern Time (US and Canada)

9 AM Pacific Time
Noon Eastern time
1300 São Paulo
1600 UTC
1700 London
1800 Paris
2130 Dehli

Zoom link for the meetup: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/8850659900?pwd=ZE9ROUs1czNiK2FTTStjTUJuVkIydz09

Suggested theme: Drawing from @tbx1513’s “Best practices methodology for a new project”, let’s have this week’s theme about building up a project template.

Here are @tbx1513’s requirements:
Documenting a Cloud-based IT Management automation platform. My purpose is twofold. First, I constantly have to learn new areas/features of the platform and take certification exams. So, I’ll use this Tinderbox file as my own PKM for quick reference and studying to prepare for exams. I want to do this inside Tinderbox, but I also want to export data to create flashcards in Anki, a popular flashcard app that uses spaced repetition. Second, I’d like to be able to use this same data to prepare client deliverables (e.g., PPT, Word, diagrams, etc.) for projects related to the platform.

During the week, let’s refine the list of requirements and we can build out the template during the meetup.

Hi everyone,

I started compiling the attached document from the original bullets (first three bullets in the doc) Michael Becker sent identifying areas of the requirements template we’d build out before the meetup. Then, I added other bullets that were part of a running list I had started to jot down about what I wanted to accomplish for this project/file and down the road when I use Tinderbox. I have found some posts or videos with foundational elements, but I would need to build on these to implement solutions for my use cases. So, the document isn’t a traditional requirements document but more of a brain dump of where I’d like to go in my Tinderbox Journey. At least where I think I need to go for now, with my limited understanding of Tinderbox. :smile:

With that said, hopefully, everyone takes away that I’m not expecting us to cover all of this, and there will be a lot of heavy lifting on my part to achieve what I’ve outlined. I’d hate to scare folks away or be sent to an island after just arriving. :wink:

Let me know what you think.

Best regards!

tbx1513 Best practices methodology for a new project.docx.zip (159.1 KB)

Graet least. To make the collaboration easier, I’ve pulled the list from your file. During the week, it would be great if others could comment here and add questions for clarification or suggest additions or modifications to the list.

Details Requirements/Brain Dump

Details Requirements/Brain Dump

  1. Tracking Tasks

a. I typically use OmniFocus for managing tasks and projects. However, I’m interested in how to tie Tinderbox and OmniFocus together for this purpose—interested in hearing and seeing what others are doing in this area. I still need to flush out my requirements.

  1. Tracking Citations and References

a. I’d like to do this in an automated fashion—interested in hearing and seeing what others are doing in this area. I still need to flush out my requirements.

  1. Producing and Managing Lists

a. Platform Artifacts

i. E.g., Tables, roles, scripts, etc., by application

b. Platform Products (areas within the platform)

i. E.g., ITSM, Customer Service, etc.

c. Anki Deck Cards

i. A list or a filtered view that shows all Anki cards by deck.

d. Ability to show nested bulleted lists (5 levels)

  1. Manage User Defined Attributes

a. Create a set of new user attributes using a CSV or a bulk method in Tinderbox e.g., a list

i. Populate the following fields: Name, Type, Default, Suggested, and Description

  1. Color Scheme

a. Predefine a color scheme as part of a file template (e.g., New from template).

  1. Code Snippet Library

a. Code Theme

i. Ability to apply the theme Dracula Theme for text in a note (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc.).

ii. Example

iii. If this is not possible, then the ability to paste and return text format/style.

  1. Integrations

a. Imports

i. Relational Database

  1. CSV or JSON files for records from a relational database.

a. Auto-add prefix to all new attributes to identify these were attribute fields from the database.

b. The goal would be to set up a file to be generated from the database and would pull in new records as notes in Tinderbox.

  1. Add tags to notes for the application source of import

  2. Aspirational: Pull this information from Tinderbox via an API

b. Exports

i. Anki

  1. Requirements

a. The ability to identify text in a note to be exported in an easily consumed format for Anki.

b. Highlighting using different colors denotes what would be included in a “cloze” or not.

c. Ability to group notes to be exported to Anki by a “Deck” name.

  1. Export formats

a. Text file

b. Spreadsheets and UTF-8

  1. Examples of card formats

a. One Fact Cloze Format

i. Text in Tinderbox

  1. The capital of Georgia is Atlanta.

ii. Text export from Tinderbox

  1. The capital of Georgia is {{c1::Atlanta}}.

b. Two Fact Close Format

i. Text in Tinderbox

  1. What is the capital of Georgia?

  2. Atlanta

ii. Text export from Tinderbox

  1. What is the capital of {{c1Georgia?}}?

  2. {{c2Atlanta}}.

ii. PPT Slides

  1. Setup export templates using Pandoc

  2. Aspirational: Define a unique reference file to allow assigning “custom” slide layouts

iii. Word Files

  1. TBD

iv. MindNode

v. OmniFoucs

Chat from today’s session:
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