Best practices methodology for a new project

To help me improve my understanding of Tinderbox, I’ve decided to start building a file for a project I’ll be using daily. My philosophy when learning new platforms or apps is to take a real-world use case and implement solutions for my needs as I go. Over the years, this approach has helped me learn more and allowed me to develop a better understanding of what is under the hood.

With that said, I would like to avoid any major pitfalls with obvious time savers that people who are more familiar with Tinderbox would consider obvious things to do when undertaking a new project/file. I am working on developing my own best practices methodology, but since I lack Tinderbox experience, I’m hoping for some pointers from the community. I understand there is no one-size-fits-all, but I hope the details below help trigger some thought around pointers that folks think I could benefit from. Some example files, templates, or forum links would also be helpful. I’ll continue to search the forum as well. :slight_smile:

The project’s scope and goals are listed below:

Documenting a Cloud-based IT Management automation platform. My purpose is twofold. First, I constantly have to learn new areas/features of the platform and take certification exams. So, I’ll use this Tinderbox file as my own PKM for quick reference and studying to prepare for exams. I want to do this inside Tinderbox, but I also want to export data to create flashcards in Anki, a popular flashcard app that uses spaced repetition. Second, I’d like to be able to use this same data to prepare client deliverables (e.g., PPT, Word, diagrams, etc.) for projects related to the platform.

I appreciate any help and advice that can be provided. I look forward to seeing what best practices folks are using.

Are you around next Sunday, the 26th? Let’s make this the theme for the meetup. Let’s capture additional requirements, throughout the week, e.g., tracking tasks. tracking citations, reference? Producing and managing lists, etc.

Hi Michael,

Yes, I can make that work. I’m looking forward to it, thanks!

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Great, here is a link to the meetup: Tinderbox Meetup Sunday 26th, March 2023 - #2