Tinderbox Meetup Video- Saturday, July 8, 2023: TBX Optimization Strategies--Output, Action Code, and Other Tricks

Tinderbox Meetup - Saturday, July 8, 2023: Optimization–output, action code, and other tricks

Level Intermediate
Published Date 7/8/23
Type Meetup
Tags 5Cs, 5Cs Learning and Knowledge Management, Email, Email Template, HTML Tags, LatTex, Markdown, OnVisit, Templates, Tinderbox Optimization Strategies
Video Length 01:30:14
Video URL Tinderbox Meetup - Sunday, July 8, 2023: Optimization--output, action code, and other tricks - YouTube
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TBX Version 9.5
Instructor Michael Becker

In this Tinderbox meetup, we dove into various Tinderbox optimization strategies, including creating different outputs with Tinderbox templates (HTML, LaTex, Markdown), automatically creating and exporting files out of Tinderbox, and streamlining when and how action code is launched in large files. And, we did a demo of the new email and email templating features in Tinderbox.

9.6 Development

@eastgate is putting the final touches on TBX 9.6, which will include a ton of new refinements including posters, parser updates, email attribute and more. For anyone working in the backstage, Mark has asked that you reach out to him if there is a capability that you need prioritized.

LaTex Export Demo

Peter Wasilko walked us through comprehensive demo of his dynamic LaTex export templates, including little easter eggs like managing comment and editorial notations.

Getting macMail Mail Url

Art asked for examples on how to easily get a macMail mail URL. Here are two AppleScripts to do this.

tell application "Mail"
 set selectedMessages to selection
 tell first item of selectedMessages
  set the clipboard to "message://%3C" & its message id & "%3E" --> clickable link
 end tell
tell application "Mail"
 set theSelection to get selection
 set theITem to item 1 of theSelection
 set theURL to "message://%3c" & theITem's message id & "%3e"
 set theSubject to theITem's subject
 return theURL & "
" & theSubject
end tell

Large TBX File Optimization and Emailing from Tinderbox

Becker explained his strategy for optimizing action code in large Tinderbox files This include his use of a user-generated attribute $IsDormant, the use of a null testing to validate if a note exists or not before creating it, and the $OnVisit attribute to toggle $IsDormant on and off when visiting a note. The later test lets him be confident that when he asked Tinderbox to create a new note for him and subsequent action code run on that new note, e.g. parsing a name into First Name, Last Name, and Middle Name, is only run once and never again.

Becker also demonstrated the new email from Tinderbox capabilities and how he is using the name parsing above to help him manage and send emails from Tinderbox.

@iPanini, per your comment in attach I mocked up a simple $IsDormant demo. I also included the name-parsing example.


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