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Tinderbox Training Video 03 - Getting started: Creating your first notes

Tinderbox Training Video - Getting started: Creating your first notes

Level Fundamental
Published Date 12/29/20
TBX Version 8.9
Tags Tinderbox, Getting Started, Note Taking
Video Length 02:43
URL https://youtu.be/Xx4okQODyKg
Example File TBX - L First Notes.tbx (87.6 KB)

In this lesson, I explain how to get started with Tinderbox. Specifically, I provide a quick overview of how to create and edit notes.

Tip: Keep your note titles short and use the text area (also referred to as $Text) for your note details.

NOTE: Be sure to download the sample file and play with the examples in this tutorial.


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Super Super useful for newbies like me !