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Tinderbox Training Video 06 - Understanding Agents & Queries (Part 1)

Tinderbox Training Video - Understanding Agents & Queries (Part 1)

Level Fundamental
Published Date 1/2/21
Tags Tinderbox, aTbRef, Agent Query, Action Code, Note-Taking
Video Length 09:06
Video URL https://youtu.be/NVcD0CugjuE
Example File TBX - L Agent Designator Queries.tbx (112.2 KB)
Revision 1
TBX Version 8.9
Instructor Michael Becker

In this lesson, we step into the world of agents & queries within Tinderbox. Tinderbox is a powerful note-taking and knowledge collection, curation, creation, and contribution (the 4Cs) tool. Note-taking is as much about discovering & re-discovering your note-taking as it is about creating them. In this regard, Tinderbox is your friend. In this video, you’ll learn how to query (aka search for) values within your Tinderbox attributes. I explain the syntax for calling an attribute (e.g. $AttributeName, the dollar sign is key). I also explain how to combine arguments in your queries, e.g. “find me this and that.” I accomplish this by showing you how you can combine two arguments with the & operator.

NOTE: If you want to play with the Action Code in this tutorial just download the example file linked above. It is all there.

TBX - L Agent & Queries Part 1

Reference materials

aTbRef Action Codes, full action codes operator list.

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