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Tinderbox Training Video 15 - Using the agent designator in Agent Queries

Tinderbox Training Video - Using the agent designator in Agent Queries

Level Advanced
Published Date 12/29/20
TBX Version 8.9
Tags Tinderbox, Agent Query, Designator, Agent Designator, aTbRef, Note Taking
Video Length 05:46
URL https://youtu.be/9ugE2vINyNI
Example File TBX - L Agent Designator Queries.tbx (112.2 KB)

In this lesson, I explain how to use the agent designator in your Tinderbox agent queries. A designator helps Tinderbox understand the context of what you’re trying to ask it to do. In this case, we show you how the agent designator has Tinderbox pull the value from an agent’s attribute and search all the notes in the Tinderbox for that value. This is a very handy technique to use when you want to reuse an agent and often change your search criteria.

NOTE: If you want to play with the Action Code in this tutorial just download the example file linked above. It is all there.


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