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Tinderbox Training Video 17 - Working with Export Templates Part 1

Tinderbox Training Video - Working with Export Templates Part 1

Level Fundamental
Published Date 1/7/21
Tags Tinderbox, aTbRef, 4Cs of Knowledge Exchange, Export Code, Publishing
Video Length 11:43
Video URL https://youtu.be/DNIjTYQIwpM
Example File TBX - L Working with Export Templates Part 1.tbx (96.8 KB)
Revision 1
TBX Version 8.9
Instructor Michael Becker
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In this lesson, at a high-level, we take a look at how to use export code and HTML templates. Woking with export code and HTML templates is fundamental to your Tinderbox experience, as it is one of the primary ways you get your work out of Tinderbox, i.e. are able to contribute your efforts to the world.†

†Remember: Contribution is the 4th C in 4Cs of Meaning & Knowledge Making, a process that comes to life in a transformative way through and with Tinderbox.

TBX - L Working with Export Templates Part 1

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Great to see 1080p videos ! Your voice is much better and louder now .

Thanks for the feedback. Nice to know things are improving. So many new learnings in this process, not just Tinderbox, but video production (picture and audio), course prioritization and development, module management, YouTube promotion, etc. :slight_smile: A lot of little details that I’ve never been exposed to before.