Tinderbox Training Video 22 - Planning with Tinderbox

Planning with Tinderbox

Level Advanced
Published Date 12/28/19
Tags Tinderbox, Note Taking, Project Example, Stamps, Adornments
Video Length 10:41
Video URL Planning With Tinderbox on Vimeo
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Revision 1
TBX Version 8.6
Instructor Mark Bernstein

In this Lesson, Mark Bernstein explains how to pull together a complex project.


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To give you some context I tried seeing this video in beginning of 2020 and then again in September 2020 and I gave up midway trying to make sense

It’s now that I’m almost a month into TinderBox and I have grasps of the basics that I appreicate so many things @eastgate has managed to cram in such a small video. Multiple place I had to pause & try it in TB first and then say WOHA that works .

Difficult ramps up quickly towards the end and I’ve loads of difficulty grasping concepts towards the last 3 minutes. Should question be brought up here on this thread or in regular form (I think regular form)

I agree, this is a wonderful video if you’re an advanced user. It really shows the power of Tinderbox and Mark’s genius, but it is not approachable in some areas unless you have the background. Please share we me a list of the few concepts you were struggling with and I’ll do one or more how-to videos.

HI Micheal,

Thanks for the reply . From 6:45 onwards , when Mark starts discussing how Smart Adornment can be configured ,

  • Venue1 and Timeslot1 prototypes were made , were their positions also auto configured using the formulas ? If Yes, I didn’t get the $X and $Y calcluations

  • When notes of speakers were being moved on to venue/time intersections , we were using onAdd action to update their values on note?

  • Summary Table is something I haven’t touched , so have to use it for more questions

Hey @pmaheshwari, created a training video for you: Tinderbox Training Video 25 - Planning with Tinderbox Deconstruction

wohooo ! Thanks !

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