Tinderbox Training Video 26 - Daily Journal Time Tracking Project Management Part 1

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the color is not blue. I tried to set a start gate and I can type in a date, or select a day, but it is not saved, when I go back it is gone. So I can not get the Project going, somehow.

Don’t forget, attribute names are case-sensitive thus $attrname and $AttrName are not the same attribute; the same is true for action code funxtions/operators. So, you want $Name.beginsWith or $Name.contains

Hi Werner, you’re not doing anything wrong.

Try this. As you now have a child of the project, the project will adopt the earliest date as the start date and the latest date as DueDate. So in Tsk- Task go ahead and set the $StartDate and $DueDate to something like this:

Also, for fun, tap on the “prototype selector”, the rectable to the left the ink arrow, with two fingers, and apply the task prototype:

I’ll work on a video this week to explain what’s going on.

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The color of the task changed as explained in your one by one explanation.
Thanks a lot.
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I’ve just updated the file, also added a related lesson: Tinderbox Training Video 27 - TBX - Deconstructing Daily Journal Date Descendants Management.

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Highly recommend watching this video if you want to get inspired. Thank you Michael.


Hi Michael,

this video was absolutely amazing. Looking forward to tinkering with the file! How is the book project coming along? Have a great start to the week,

All the best,


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Thanks. :slight_smile: book is coming. I have two more to finish before I tackle the Tinderbox book. A draft in Aug/Spet. is possible.


Will be happy to proof-read the manuscript… I am also a key tester: if I can follow and put its contents into practice, anyone can :wink:

Wishing you much success with your current projects / books! Thanks for all you share on this Forum / your channel!


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