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Tinderbox Training Video 26 - Daily Journal Time Tracking Project Management Part 1

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the color is not blue. I tried to set a start gate and I can type in a date, or select a day, but it is not saved, when I go back it is gone. So I can not get the Project going, somehow.

Don’t forget, attribute names are case-sensitive thus $attrname and $AttrName are not the same attribute; the same is true for action code funxtions/operators. So, you want $Name.beginsWith or $Name.contains

Hi Werner, you’re not doing anything wrong.

Try this. As you now have a child of the project, the project will adopt the earliest date as the start date and the latest date as DueDate. So in Tsk- Task go ahead and set the $StartDate and $DueDate to something like this:

Also, for fun, tap on the “prototype selector”, the rectable to the left the ink arrow, with two fingers, and apply the task prototype:

I’ll work on a video this week to explain what’s going on.

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The color of the task changed as explained in your one by one explanation.
Thanks a lot.
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I’ve just updated the file, also added a related lesson: Tinderbox Training Video - TBX - Deconstructing Daily Journal Date Descendants Management.

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Highly recommend watching this video if you want to get inspired. Thank you Michael.