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Tinderbox Training Video 34 - Exporting TBX Notes to PowerPoint PPTX with Pandoc

Tinderbox Training Video - Exporting TBX Notes to PPTX with Pandoc

Level Advanced
Published Date 3/6/21
Tags 4Cs of Knowledge Making & Exchange, Command Line, Export Code, Export Templates, Homebrew, Markdown, Pandoc, PowerPoint, Tinderbox, aTbRef
Video Length 09:37
Video URL Tinderbox Video - Export TBX Notes to PPTX with Pandoc - YouTube
Example File TBX L- Export TBX Notes to PPTX with Pandoc.tbx (124.2 KB)
BBEDIT Pandoc Command Line: md→pptx.sh.zip (903 Bytes)
Revision 1
TBX Version 8.9
Instructor Michael Becker
Acknowledgements @Bernard-0, @mwra, @rtalexander

In this lesson, I explain how you can export notes in Tinderbox to a PowerPoint using Pandoc. There are a few moving parts to accomplish this.

  1. Get your Mac ready for running command-line applications, in this case I’ve pre-installed Homebrew and Pandoc on my machine.

  2. Have a text editor that can run command-line scripts, i use BBEDIT and I got the Pandoc script from Bernardo-o, a follow Tinderboxer.

  3. Finally, you need to create your notes in Tinderbox. You’ll want to apply the built-in markdown prototype to the notes you want to use as the basis for your PowerPoint slides. Then, you need to write your notes in Pandoc supported markdown (which is basic markdown). Finally, you need to use a Tinderbox template that will apply markdown formatting to your notes (you can use and modify the one I created).

REMEMBER: Markdown is sensitive to spaces. Also, if your image is not in the same directory as your text file when you run the script you’ll get an error.

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Nice! I am glad that little script turned out useful. :slight_smile:

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Super AWESOME!!! Thanks so much for sharing. :slight_smile:

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Hi Michael
All of these have been amazing. Not sure it it’s just me, but the attached filed is not available here.
Thanks very much for everything.

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Ah, sorry. There you go. Fixed now.

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All here! Thanks so much! You are so kind and responsive.

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