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Tinderbox Training Video 42 - Finding text strings near each other with regex

Tinderbox Training Video - Finding text strings near each other with regex

Level Intermediate
Published Date 4/11/21
Tags 4CKMEl, 4Cs of Knowledge Management and Exchange, Agent Query, Citations, DevonThink, Proximity word search, RIS, RegEx, Regular Expression, Tinderbox, Zotero, aTbRef
Video Length 17:12
Video URL https://youtu.be/AbBwtaKkLFU
Example File TBX L - Finding text near each other with regex.tbx (125.2 KB)
Revision 1
TBX Version 8.9
Instructor Michael Becker
Acknowledgements Tom Diaz @TomD

In this lesson, I explain to find notes within your Tinderbox file using regular expression, also known as regex. As a backdrop to the lesson, I provide a brief overview of regex, and explain how I’m using DevonThink to review long-form content and Zotero to manage my citations. I then show how I can drag my citations from Zotero to Tinderbox. Tinderbox automagically recognizes the RIS file format, applies the Reference prototype, and populates the appropriate system attributes with the citation details. I then show how you can use your regex to find notes using Tinderbox Find and with agents.

On the surface, this demonstration may seem simplistic when you just have a few notes in your file, but imagine, with this method, how easy it will be for you to discover and rediscover your notes when you have hundreds if not thousands of notes in your Tinderbox files. Enjoy.

Here is a gig thanks to Tom Dias @TomD for showing me the “NEAR” search feature in DevonThink and inspiring me to figure out how to do it in Tinderbox.

TBX L - Finding text near each other with regex