Tinderbox Weekly Meetup Sunday 17 Mar. 2024: Using Tinderbox for Talking Points with Beck Tench

“Using Tinderbox for Talking Points with Beck Tench *(@beck)”

Beck Tench has deep and abiding curiosities about how to live well in a radically connected world. She is a designer and researcher at The Center for Digital Thriving at Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her research focuses on developing skills and a greater capacity for accessing personal wisdom, connecting with others through compassion and friendship, improving the quality of our lives through awareness of life as we’re living it, and mitigating or minimizing the harms of attention-driven digital culture. Beck graduated with her Ph.D. in Information Science at the University of Washington. Before returning to school, she was an exhibit designer in science museums.

She was formally trained as a designer at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She spent her career before returning to academia helping museums, libraries, and non-profits embrace risk-taking, creativity, and change through technology and personal space-making. Her work from that time was mentioned in the New York Times, National Public Radio, Scientific American, and several books and blogs.

This session is inspired by @beck’s post.

Also, bring your projects and puzzlements! Everyone is welcome. Long-time Tinderbox users, new Tinderbox users, and non-Tinderbox users are very welcome to join in on the discussion.

Tinderbox 10-Minute Training: Inheritance

TBD… If you have a 10-minute lesson you’d like to share, contact @satikusala.

Tinderbox Trainers Wanted

We are inviting Tinderbox community members to deliver a “Tinderbox in 10-minute Training” session. We want to kick off each weekly Tinderbox meetup with a 10-minute training that explores a Tinderbox feature and explains how to use it in a specific context. Again, the training should explain what the feature does and provide a contextual example of how the training is using it (sample files are most welcome). If you’d like to provide one of these training, please DM @satikusala or @eastgate on the Tinderbox Forum, and we’ll schedule your session on the Tinderbox Meetup Calendar .

9 AM Pacific Time

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Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 617 924 9044

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Was Beck’s session recorded? I was not able to make it.



Try this link @TomD: TBX L - Meetup 17MAR24-160056_Recording_gallery_2240x1260 on Vimeo

@satikusala Hi Michael

could you kindly provide us with the link to last sunday’s Session with Beck Tench’s.


Try : TBX L - Meetup 17MAR24-160056_Recording_gallery_2240x1260 on Vimeo

@satikusala I set the rating, which should help make it more widely visible.

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Yes. Always. Just posted.

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