Using Tinderbox for Talking Points

Hello old friends! I apologize for the quiet in these last few months (years?) but I still use Tinderbox regularly and am one of its biggest fans. I discovered a new, simple and straightforward use for it yesterday and thought to come here and share it.

Context: I was in a webinar interview about participatory design and I knew the questions beforehand. I normally write out my talking points before giving a talk, but I find it stressful to follow them. In the screenshots below, you’ll see how I mapped those talking points to reference as I answered the questions. I had the webinar on one screen, Tinderbox on another, and I panned left as the conversation evolved.

It worked beautifully!



@beck always has gems to share. We missed you!

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Would this be a good meetup topic? Perhaps Sun Mar 17?


Mark, remind me what’s involved in prepping for the meet up?

Hardly any prep — we’re very informal. Maybe 45 minutes, talk + Q&A. Typically 20-30 people.

K, let’s do it!


It would be fabulous!! @beck would you be available?

Sweet!!! We’ll lock you in for the 17th. :slight_smile:


@beck I’m looking forward to this! I always love to hear and see the new things you’ve come up with. Hearing your interview with @jarango from a few years ago inspired me to pick Tinderbox back up and appreciate it anew.


Thanks for this link to @beck’s videos. Here is a list of other standout Beck sessions:

If anyone has a Beck or other related highlight video please send it @satikusala’s way.


Thx @beck.congrats on the PhD. I have used your research on RST to help my management to increase their cognitive capabilities by using the RST techniques you provided. Also, you got me hooked on fountain pens…They’re not cheap!! Lastly, I am using some of your past Tinderbox work to also create a Zettlekasten solution but based on Bloom’s Taxonomy. Both Michael and your Tinderbox tutorials are tremendous help. Great work!!! How your “Bench” doing?