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Watched Folder - CSV files to attributes


Currently when I setup a watched folder on CSV files it creates it in the body . I"m aware as of 2017 CSV wasn’t exploded as per thread here

Is it possible now in 2022 to do the same ?

A later post in that thread, here, confirms Tinderbox intentionally does not auto-explode CSV files in watched folders. Current behaviours for watched folders are documented here.

In short—No, for the reasons explained above. If you want this added as a feature, do write in to tinderbox@eastgate.com with a use case explaining the need.

Best use scenario for CSV files is not to use WFs, but to drag/drop/digest into Tbx. You can do and get a whole lot more out of the csv files this way.

Out of curiosity - from where is the content being piped into your csv? As in, what is the source?

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Thanks for the answer @mwra and @archurhh

Please see this thread for usage